09 Polish Blog Post

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Polish Blog Post


This process is funny…. how do you polish something?


When all the mechanics are all done and the audio file sounds like it was crafted by a team of talented gnomes, the file is uploaded and the blog post has the linked hosting URL embedded.


Well, that blog post you built is pretty buggy right? I mean you we’re slamming through the file fixing the sound quality, linking up all sorts of amazing information and writing everything you could think of. It’s amazing… but it’s a mess.


This is where you go through it and just clean it all up.


Lets Go:


  1. Open the Blog Post
  2. Cut out words that are unnecessary
  3. Ensure of proper grammar
  4. Clean up all the notes from the masterfile… things like
    1. Categorize as a Podcast
    2. Write the SEO
    3. Make a pretty link (screencast here)
    4. Add Featured Images
    5. Simple Sign In Action Box
    6. Music Credits
    7. Whatever else the blog has as Standard Processes
  5. Do whatever you can so that this post is ready to publish
  6. At the end of this process, you’re job is done. This means that everything should be correct to the level that you would have no problem putting your name on it and printing it onto the cover of Time Magazine
  7. Click the Preview Post button to read the blog post as if it were ready to publish
  8. ClickSave Draft when you’re confident that it’s ready to go
  9. Huzzah, all the work is done and you have produced your very own Podcast!




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