08 Link Hosting File URL to Blog Post

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Link Hosting File URL to Blog Post


With your podcast mp3 file uploaded to Libsyn, you then need to tell the blog where to get the podcast from.


This is a simple process, that should only take about 2 minutes.


Here is a video screencast explaining exactly how to do this. If you follow this video, you don’t need the directions below, but if you can’t access the video, the directions below will get you there.


Let’s Go:


  1. Go towww.libsyn.com
  2. Login
  3. ClickPublish Icon
  4. SelectPrevious Posts from the Publishing toolbar
  5. Hover your pointer over the file that you want to connect with the blog
    1. Select the link: more
  6. Click the Play Button to test the audio to ensure you have the right file by pressing the play button
  7. Copy the Direct Download URL
  8. Paste the URL into the blog post box titled Podcast Episode (default)
  9. ClickVerify
  10. Once Verified, Click the Save Draft tag
  11. Huzzah, you’ve done it. You can move onto Polishing the Blog Post SOP




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