07 Uploading to Libsyn

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Uploading to Libsyn


Once you have successfully tagged a completed audio file, you can move onto the next step.


We upload all our final products to separate hosting at a website called Libsyn.


This is a simple process, but it can be time intensive depending on file size.


Let’s Go:


  1. Go towww.libsyn.com
  2. Click Login
    1. Sign up for an account if you haven’t already created one
  3. Click the Publish Icon
  4. Select the file for download only button
  5. Select HARDDRIVE
  6. Find your File
    1. Navigate to the Episode Folder
    2. Select the final version mp3 which will be tagged and ready to go out to the world
    3. The file name will be (episode number) (Guest Name)
    4. Format the file name like this: ## – Show Name – Guest Name
      1. For example:
        1. 17 – Love Affair Travel – Globetrotter Girls
        2. 56 – Good Life Project – Seth Godin
  7. Click Open
  8. Scroll to the Bottom
  9. Click PUBLISH
    1. Uploads will take 10-40 minutes depending on your download speed
    2. While waiting for the download to finish, go through the blog post and make it as good as you can imagine. It’s almost time you’re complete with the process so you want everything looking as good as possible:
      1. Check alignment
      2. Check spelling
      3. Check the writing style and coherence
      4. Check any possible errors
      5. Explore adding or taking away things to make the post look fantastic
    3. Once upload is complete move on to next step
  10. Click the play button to test that the download has been uploaded without error
    1. To do this, just listen to the start and the end. If these are there, it’s error free
  11. Move on to Process Linking SOP

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