06 Tagging a Completed Podcast

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Tagging a Completed Podcast


You can do this process after you create the episode art.


Tagging is a detailed aspect that is very important to publishing professional podcasts.


Properly tagging the file organizes it in iTunes, displays the show and episode art and does a few more things.


It’s a quick process.


Let’s Go:


  1. Locate the Finished Audio File
    1. In the Episode Folder titled: (Episode#) (Guest Name) [e.g. 22 Robert Greene]
  2. Open the file in ID3 Editor
    1. Right Click the file icon > Open With > ID3 Editor
  3. Use iTunes to tag it
    1. Right Click the file > Get Info
  4. Open the Tagging file in the Episode Folder (https://www.dropbox.com/s/b0j6if07nmlc7kf/TaggingLoveAffairTravelPodcast.rtf)
  5. Input information from Tagging File into iTunes box
    1. Once all the info and art is written to the mp3 click OK
  6. CloseTagging File
  7. Click and Drag the file from iTunes to your Episode Folder
    1. Essentially save a copy to your Episode Folder
    2. Move onto next step
  8. Delete the previous version of your final show
    1. Drag the icon to the Trash
  9. Rename your final product (Episode Number) (Guest Name)
    1. e.g. 23 Robert Greene
  10. Huzzah! You’re Done. This file is ready to go out to the world. You’ve made something that thousands of people will benefit from. Congratulations.
  11. Move on to Uploading to Libsyn SOP

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