05 Creating Episode Art

Creating Episode Art


The Episode art is great for sharability on social media and via friends.


It also gives guests shareability.


It’s fun to make.


Let’s Go:


  1. Open Photoshop
  2. Open the 0EpisodeArtMasterfile.psd file in the Episode Art folder in the Episode Folder
  3. Click and Drag guest images from the Episode Art folder into the Masterfile
  4. Position, Crop and do arty things to make it awesome (this screencast is helpful for learning how to make tweaks to the episode art using photoshop: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cONedeFKusI)
  5. Once you have artwork you’re proud of, flatten the image CMD + SHIFT + E
  6. Save As a .jpg file in the Episode Art folder
  7. Import Episode Art into position for Blog Post
    1. Sign in to Your website
    2. Navigate to Blog Post
    3. Add Media Button
    4. Insert Into Post
      1. Make sure to add the Alt Tag “(Guest Name) on the (Podcast Title) podcast with (Your Name)”
      2. Set the Link To settings to None
      3. Align image to Center
      4. Set Image for Full Size (450 px x 450 px) (example for Love Affair Travel Podcast it is br 500 x 500)
      5. Click Insert into post when ready


  1. Move on to 8 Tagging a Completed Podcast



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