10 Informing Guest of Live Interview

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Inform Guest of Completion


You’re nearly done! You’ve saved a polished blog post to your website.  You’ve cleaned it up extremely well and it’s ready to go live to the starving masses. Finally the fun part.


Now it’s time to inform the guest that they can share it with the world.




  1. Go to your e-mail server
  2. Send an e-mail to the guest using the following format


Hey < Guest >,


< Say something about the quality of the interview and something you gained from having them on the show (15-25 words) >


< Write a thank you note saying >


We really appreciate your time and support, please feel free to spread the word!


Give them all the links so that sharing the interview is super smooth.


Here’s all the links so you can spread this and share it anywhere and everywhere. It’s this easy!


  1. Click the Send Button
  2. The guest is good to go. You Shipped! Feel Good about yourself.
  3. You can move onto the last step of this process, Clean Work Space

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