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What does a podcast editor do?

A Freedom Podcasting podcast editor is someone who takes a clients raw recording and constructs an excellent final web presence for the show.


This involves web development, graphic design, sound engineering and story telling.


Many podcast editing companies just edit audio files or write blog posts.


We craft an experience from your recordings. An experience we work to make unforgettable.


They are your words, but we do the job of making them pop on the internet.

What it Takes from Our Podcasting Clients

Podcast Editor Process
Record your raw audio files.


Here is how you set up a great, inexpensive studio.

Second Process for podcast editor
Send us your files.


We prefer DropBox.

Your Podcast Editor produced the podcast
Wait two to three days.


We can publish for you, or you can.


The automated system we build will distribute globally, immediately.

What We Do

We write compelling copy that gets people inspired to listen to your show.
We design show art and blog posts that inspire your audience to share.
We engineer software solutions to ensure your podcast never goes offline.
We optimize your podcast website to ensure maximum search engine traffic with measurable results.

Who Needs a Podcast Editor?

We work with artists and entrepreneurs.

People with a vision or an authentic product to sell.

People who desire an authentic community.

People who desire to spread their message.

People who desire to express their expertise.

People who desire deepening their understanding of their passion.

Maybe someone like you…


About Ian

Ian started producing podcasts for clients in 2010. He now focuses on making Freedom Podcasting awesome. He's working on the Freedom Podcasting App, making videos about podcast studios or doing whatever else to work for Freedom Podcasting.