How to Create Click to Tweets for Easy Sharing of Your Podcast

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Simple fast directions can be found for the professional (2 min)
For the beginner, the tutorial below will be most helpful (5 min)
To understand the philosophy, go to the bottom and read up (10 min)

Help Visitors Drive Traffic to your Podcast

Here is the step by step process for creating Click to Tweets:

1. Go to
2. Sign in with Twitter
3. Authorize App
4. Fill in Message you’d like Tweeted
-I use Google URL shortener to include the podcast blog page

-I suggest @tagging yourself as you want to be notified when people share

5. Copy url and embed the link into your text (Block Quotes are great)


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Watch the Tutorial for Making Click to Tweets:

You can watch this on YouTube here:

Too Much Work?

If you think that’s too much work and you like you can always get the Click to Tweet Plugin by TodayMade.

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The Why

Click to Tweets for Promoting Your Podcast

This internet is a place where attention is valuable. Once you get someone’s attention and they believe that what your saying is worth sharing with people, you’ve done the most important job. That should be the idea spreaders first priority: make something worth sharing.

Once you’ve created something valuable enough to share, move into the steps listed above. That is, making it easy for people to share. In fact you want to make it so easy that someone could almost accidentally share your stuff. I’ll take it one step further, you must make it so good that the person sharing is feeling like you are doing them a service by providing great information/entertainment and making it so they seem really cool to their friends and family because they can share your stuff so easily.

That’s the key to all of this. Make amazing art so that people seek you out and share your stuff as a favor to themselves.



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