What is the importance of using ID3 Tagging?

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Why use id3 tags?

What is the importance of add ID3 tags to your podcast?

ID3 Tagging denotes organization data in mp3 files. Tagging is the process of writing categorical data to the mp3 file so the media player (iTunes) can organize the files based on album, artist, genre, year, composer, type, etc.


Have you ever wanted to listen to Blues music? If your music is properly tagged with ID3 data, you can search for “Blues” in the genre and all the relevant music will display in order. That’s the benefit of ID3 tagging.


Having clean, well organized consistent ID3 tags will delight end users and send the message that you’re running a professional operation.


Why add ID3 image tags to your podcast?

Adding the image in the ID3 tag displays show art on the media players. When id3 image is left out, the mp3 player will often show a generic image rather than the show art.


Here’s and example of the display of a podcast with image tags:

What a podcast looks like with id3 image tags


Here’s and example of the display of a podcast without image tags:

An Example of a podcast without id3 image tags
It’s a branding opportunity as well as an opportunity to signal professionalism.


What is the Best id3 tagging software?


My favorite tool for id3 tagging podcastsID3 Editor is just my favorite program to write ID3 tags.


Sure, you can use iTunes, but it’s a multistep process.


ID3 Editor is one fast step.



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