Should I Publish My Podcast at 64kb or 128kb Bitrate?

So the question between 64kb and 128kb is a very nuanced one and I think both sides of the argument have their validity.
Honestly, I can’t hear the difference with my current headphones or the car speakers I tested it on.
That being said, I’ll keep my Standard Operating Procedures at 128kb.
Optimal Bitrate for podcast production

Reason I Choose 128kb Bitrate:


  • 100 mb vs. 50 mb is about 30 seconds of downloading… a marginal benefit
  • Storage space is becoming cheaper every year
  • Services like Stitcher automatically create lower bit-rate versions of the file
  • It’s easy to create a lower bitrate file from a higher one… but impossible to go the other direction
  • 50 years from now, who knows the audio technology that will be available and perhaps having that higher bitrate will be worth something to someone looking back


Again, very nuanced. We can produce your show however you like, but I suggest 128 kb after my research.

What do you think?


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