Luckily for us at Freedom Podcasting, we have a podcast that we use like a lab monkey. It’s called the Love Affair Travel and since our CEO is the host of the show, he pretty much lets us do whatever we want to test out new podcasting platforms.


What is

Essentially, they are a hosting company that pays you to host your podcast. They sell sponsor messages to people that will be automatically entered into the beginning of your show.

We like to run a frugal operation and hosting is a monthly cost that we’re always trying to get down for clients. Even if it is as low as $15 a month, it’s an expense that could be minimized. If you could turn that expense into a profit center, everyone wins… right?



The Monetizing Side of PodcastingWe will host the Love Affair Travel show starting now on AudioMetrics. We already have a good idea for the shows growth so we can test their honesty in reporting, the revenue potential and the quality of the fit for the advertisements they add to the show.




  • Simplify the monetization of podcasts
  • Simple uploading and media URL sourcing


  • Inauthentic advertisements
  • Poor hosting capacity


  • Cut down on hosting costs
  • Easily monetize a show with a single entrance point
  • Potential to outsource the whole monetizing side of a podcast


  • Loss of listeners due to inauthentic ads or poor hosting quality
  • Lack of control over what is advertised
  • Podcast platforms with existing ad deals don’t allow feeds that include media URLs
September 9th, 2014 – I was able to verify my media URLs in the Blubrry backend of my wordpress blogs. Technically this looks like its going to work.
September 9th, 2014 – I’m getting failure messages for episode 2…

AudioMetric IO Fail Message

(Update on Error, it resolved it’s self quickly.)

Another one for Episode 9 with Erik Snare

Monetizing Podcasts

(Update on Error: This was user error, we had a broken link so the transition process didn’t work. All fixed now.)

September 10th, 2014 – I was able to get 9 shows up and 30 downloads came through during the night. My account is now credited with $0.14. This is pretty good stuff so I’ll finish porting over all the audiometric media URLs today and see how the earnings keep coming in.


Afternoon update: The whole Love Affair Travel podcast is uploaded to their hosting servers and has already served 100 downloads today. Everything seems to be working well. Will publish a new show tomorrow so the surge in downloads will be a great test to see the robustness of their servers.

October 21st 2014 – So it’s been a month and a half since I paid any attention to the relationship with Audiometric. This is good news because that means their hosting works well. I’ve had no problems with hosting and we’ve put out other episodes and I haven’t heard anything.


Here is a screen shot of the ads delivered:

One month into hosting with

So it’s great. We’re delivering ads. The problem is, I don’t know what that means. I listened through a podcast and I found that I couldn’t pinpoint an advertisement. I’m guessing that they aren’t distributing them at the moment. It seems like a StartUp company to me and I would guess that they are still working out the kinks. Of course, the fact that this month hasn’t accrued a cent in the account is clear indication that not much is happening…

AudioMetric Revenue per 1000 ads delivered
October 25th, 2014 – I’d like to make  a note that Jason Cox is really helpful. While doing this case study, I’ve had the great fortune to watch them build out the product. It’s exciting and all the trouble I’m discussing in this blog should be noted that they are currently building out the platform.
Jason Cox Being Helpful
Jan 9th 2015 – It’s exciting that Audiometric has just rolled out statistics. They are nice but not world class.
Statistics on Audiometric podcast hosting startup
Jul 22nd 2015 – Not a lot going on really. It seems that my podcast is being served well enough, though it’s hard to know for sure.

There are no longer ads embedded into the podcasts. This could be that my show doesn’t have the download volume enough to warrant advertisers. I don’t really know.

Also, ID3 tagging is removed when hosting with Audiometric so your show will look unprofessionally tagged as they alter the file to serve ads.

I’ve reached out to the team to see how things are going, but right now I feel like they have either lost steam, or are working hard to find a solution.

The money is trivial, but my account was reset from the $3 to $1.24 so it seems that the numbers either didn’t reflect actual ad buy, or the results were simply too trivial to warrant distributions.

I did hear some life insurance ads on my show a few months back. The ads were added in at the beginning of the show. This means that they clearly had proof of concept at some point.

From the image to the right, you can see that their platform isn’t working as an ad distribution system for me right now.

I do not recommend using this service right now as a hosting solution for your podcast. This is still enjoyable to me because I am heavily in the business of podcasting and the testing is fun. But if you’re not on the cutting edge, go with someone else like SoundCloud or Libsyn. Review

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  • Matt Quiett says:


    This article is great. I was contacted by about hosting our podcasts with them. I’m skeptical, it seems too good to be true. One of the items you list above as a weakness is “poor hosting capacity”. I’m not quite sure what you mean, but it’s something that sounds problematic. Could you elaborate on this?

    Also, the statistics look really weak. Have they improved? Will they?

    I have a call with Jason, hopefully tonight. The idea of free hosting sounds great, and I don’t need deep deep statistics. I just want to make sure I’m not missing anything that’s a huge downside.

    Matt Quiett

    • Admin says:

      Hey Matt,

      Thank you for the kind words. We really do appreciate them. 🙂

      “Poor hosting quality” was part of a SWOT analysis in which you project potential problems. I’ve found that the hosting with AudioMetric has been fine. I’m not noticing any delays in serving the shows so I think we’re all good in that regard.

      They are improving slowly. A week or two ago they added stats. The dashboard is being updated on an almost monthly basis. I think there is room for the service to become really great, but they have a while to go.

      At the time of writing this, I don’t recommend it. The stats are just new so I don’t have a good grip on what is going on with the Love Affair Travel Podcast. Also, I don’t really know what sort of advertisements are going up on the show.

      Jason is great. They are based in Australia so I suggest being open to interesting timing. 😀

      With appreciation,

  • Ben says:

    Do you have an update now that it’s been a few months?

    • Admin says:

      Hey Ben – They’ve been making strides. If you listen to Love Affair Travel podcast you can hear what it sounds like to have the automatically generated advertisements on there. I’ll keep updating the blog post as we go. Thank you for the comment.

  • Dave Jackson says:

    Things are getting very quiet, and if you notice new podcasters can’t sign up any more. The advertisers that were there (fake?) are no longer there and they are not promoting their own service (so you are no longer getting income. I’ve sent some messages but have not heard back. Also, they updated their interface but gave no insights on how to use it. I’m getting worried.

    • Admin says:

      Agreed Dave. The hosting still seems to work though it appears the advertisers are gone. Perhaps just for my show. I don’t know.

      Their idea was working. I heard AudioMetric ads as well as Life Insurance Ads audibly inserted into the first 20 seconds of my Love Affair Travel podcast.

      I’m not seeing any revenue.

      I don’t recommend this as a way to publish a show, but I feel like it’s still worth it for me because I like being in the know to podcasting stuff.

      Thank you for the comment by the way.

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