What’s the biggest problem in podcasting today?

You guessed it: the top podcast app sucks.

For all our shows, iTunes podcast app is source for 82% of the downloads.

It’s got the lion’s share.

It actually hurts my feelings.

The work that needs to be done in the podcasting world is; we need to create an easier experience to download and share podcasts with people who have zero tech background.

That last bit is the key.

When podcast listeners with zero tech background can listen = podcast industry success boom

Is there a solution?

Overcast seems to be another effort. I love where he’s coming from based on the video above. To build a service that is specifically designed for podcasters and listeners. This is the core concept behind all great businesses. How can I serve.

Cheers Marco.

Will it Work?

My Experience:

I tried to download Overcast on my iPhone. It didn’t work. I don’t know why, but I don’t have time now to sort it out because we have to produce the worlds best podcasts.

I tried to submit podcasts feeds to the platform. It didn’t work. There is no submission process I can find from the website.

I’d love to see if my favorite podcasts are on Overcast, but I can’t because I can’t get the app on my phone.

So… it doesn’t work.

Not yet at least…

It’s August 20th 2014. I’ll keep updating this post because this is a problem that needs a solution.

Update September 18th 2014:

I’ve got Overcast on my iPhone 4. I’m using it to listen to the Tropical MBA as I write this.

I do experience some bugs where there is text laid out over text. It’s a bit buggy all over when I explore.

I’ve got another podcast app called PocketCasts which works well but not great. Again I’m looking into it.


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