Answering Client Questions About What It’s Like to Work With a Podcasting Production Company

(a) Can you please tell me/provide link to which podcasts you are currently producing

Our current client list can be found here.

(b) please provide a couple references.

Testimonials can be found here.

(c) please explain (in brief) what would be required of me (equipment, software, cost, etc)?

Inexpensive high quality USB mic is the ATR 2100 @ $50ish on Amazon

For a 100% pro sound, just buy everything on this Amazon WishList.

(d)  What you provide in the way of producing (services, production, costs, etc) a podcast Рagain, I am new to this, so sorry for the silly questions.

Thanks for asking and there’s no such thing as a silly question. ūüôā

What we do:

  • Setup the Podcasting System on your WordPress blog
  • Do audio engineering to make your show sound fantastic
  • Ensure all best practices with meta tagging, uploading and back end podcasting stuff
  • Design Amazing Show Art
  • Coach through the¬†initial¬†creation phase
  • Take care of¬†everything¬†– All you do is think about content for the show

What’s required of you: Record Amazing Content & Share the Content with us on DropBox. In 2-3 days we complete post production and provide you with simple 3 step instructions to publish the podcast to all the major podcast platforms.

At the time of sending this, our rates are $3000 for the setup fee (which includes the first 6 episodes and a system to go forward with.)

After successful launch we continue with a per episode cost based around your specific post production needs.

This is the most hands-free podcast production service available.

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About Ian

Ian started producing podcasts for clients in 2010. He now focuses on making Freedom Podcasting awesome. He's working on the Freedom Podcasting App, making videos about podcast studios or doing whatever else to work for Freedom Podcasting.