Finding Music that Makes Your Podcast Stand Out

Finding Music to Use in my PodcastFinding high quality, dynamic sounds for your podcast can be a challenge.

Ideally, in the future all of our shows will sound like Freakonomics, Snap Judgement or This American Life. I’m not sure, but I think these guys have teams of musicians that work around the clock to compose sounds specifically to carry along the vision of the guy making the shows.

The cost can be prohibitive for most people to have a team of composers on their team. Who says you really need amazing music to have a top podcast? Derek Halpern of Social Triggers doesn’t even use musical segments. He has the bare minimum production requirements… but he still delivers an actionable, powerful show.

We’ve sourced composers before but they are often challenging to work with and they have prohibitive price points. So we were looking for a better solution when we came across Audio Jungle.

Audio Jungle has hundreds of options for buying license agreements under $50. It’s a no brainer.


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