FAQ: Blog Reel Logistics of Launching a Podcast with Multiple Episodes

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Podcasting Question:

If we’re publishing 6 episode at once, how do you recommend we do this on our website so that our readers aren’t bombarded? I’ve seen other people do it where they launch one a week for a week and then go to a normal once a week schedule. Do you have other ideas around best practices?

Professional Producer Answer:

There are a few ways to manage the blast of blog posts when launching a podcast:

1. The Trickle to the Core Fans Approach

Creating Anticipation for Your Podcast LaunchYou can publish a blog post 2-3 days apart before submitting your feed to iTunes.

Because these blog posts are engaging on their own, your listeners will enjoy the anticipation of looking forward to the show. This is an asset, even if you get some disgruntled internet people.

Note: Don’t add the media players on the posts or else your core fans will listen on your website and the downloads won’t be counted in iTunes and you might miss the opportunity at gaining subscribers.

2. The Hide it in the Back Approach

Ninja Podcast Launch Strategy

You want all 6 of your shows to display on the iTunes page, but you don’t want them on the front of your blog reel.

The solution is to backdate the posts off your blog reel.

Set each of the posts in chronological order one hour apart from eachother 1:00 being episode 1 2:00 being episode 2.

Do this the day before the last publishing date of the last post showing up on your blog reel.

You can adjust the dates of the shows forward when you want them to appear on the front of your page. Be warned. iTunes and other podcasting platforms will reflect the changing order. This can be a tool too.

Tip: Don’t backdate too far (30 days +) else your podcasts run the risk of being too old for the “New and Noteworthy”.

3. The Blast ’em Approach

Blast Approach on Launch Date of PodcastRock the boat. Get people’s attention. If they are accustomed to a weekly mail, what do you think they’ll  do when they get 6 all regarding new content that they can consume in a new way.

Truth is, going outside the box and really disrupting the common way things go might just be what you need to get people talking about your new show.

That’s the most important thing right? Someone talks about your show, someone listens. Since your show is awesome, that listener becomes a devotee and you both win.

Above All

Relax about the launch. Success in podcasting is due to making great shows, over and over again. Look at the top shows on iTunes. They all produce regular, authentic, engaging content. That’s the key to this. The launch is only a marginal, immediate success for a few screen shots. Listen to Joe Rogan’s first episode if you really think episode 1 is that important.


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