What Do We Have to Do to Get Into New and Noteworthy Anyway?

By May 15, 2013Podcasting Questions

New and Noteworthy is selected by a small team of 2 at Apple. The prerequisite to being featured is:

  • Have a good deal of subscribers
  • Beautiful show art
  • The launch was within the last 8 weeks
Once you’ve done all of this, submitted and published your podcast RSS feed, what’s keeping you from the billboards?
 Getting Featured in New and Noteworthy of iTunes
The science behind New & Noteworthy is challenging because I’ve seen shows in New & Noteworthy with far fewer reviews, downloads and that don’t even have podcast art! So what gives?
I’m exploring it, but as of now, it’s a mystery to me. Do you have any ideas or hints? If you do, please leave a comment below.

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