What our Podcast Production Service Looks Like

Record and Publish Podcast Services

First We Build Podcasting Into Your Website:

We will make your website a podcast publishing platform:

  • The capacity to publish to iTunes (essentially a customized RSS feed)
  • Develop stunning Show Art
  • Optimize for iTunes Search Engines
  • Ensure you encounter no technical difficulties

Each Time You Make a Recording We:

  • Receive your audio files
  • Remastering the sound and splice out unwanted aspects
  • Splice in show segments
  • Mix transitions with beautiful musical style
  • Export a polished, professional show
  • Ensure proper MP3 tagging
  • Link your media file with your publishing platform
  • Finally we create an individual webpage to display your show in all it’s glory. On this page, we promise to include:
  1. Bullet Points of Topics covered
  2. A 500px x 500px customized show art (excellent for social media)
  3. Links to all the resources mentioned during your show
  4. Individual articles based on your content which will help your show be found via Google

The Only One Button iTunes Publishing Option

Publish-Your-PodcastFinally, we can push the publish button for you… but most of our clients like to look it over and push that button themselves.

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