Video Podcast Production – YouTube Sync Services

Thinking about reaching a wider audience, and growing your YouTube channel through a video podcast?

Making a professional video podcast for your YouTube channel, just got easier. All you need to do is record, send us the file, and we’ll take care of the rest.

We offer video production as a per episode/monthly service.

We help you get set up so that you’re recording high quality interviews on your favorite video software you are utilizing for recording your podcast. Next, we take care of the editing/mixing and thumbnail creation. Lastly, we upload and schedule each episode to your YouTube channel.

We can also support you with a revamp of your YouTube channel so that it looks super professional, and your podcast is easy to be found.

Reach out and let us know about your project, and ask us about our competitive rates!

Here are some examples of the video production we offer:


About V

V started producing podcasts for clients in 2012. She works on on-boarding new clients and team members, launching podcasts, and wrangling whenever necessary. She loves going above and beyond for Freedom's clients and team. In her spare time she loves wandering the globe, off-the-beaten track adventures, spending time in nature, climbing the tallest mountains, horse riding, snuggling with furry friends, surfing, the ocean, sun, and drinking fresh coconuts on tropical beaches.

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