iTunes Podcasting – What Tags Show Up Where on the iTunes Store

  1. Show Art – This should be a 1400 x 1400 px version of your podcast art.
  2. Title – This is the title of the show. It’s best if we optimize this for Search Results.
  3. iTunes Author – This is the Author title. This too should be optimized for search results.
  4. iTunes Category – This is the main category the show will be described in. Though you will choose 3 others, this is the most important category and we should place the show where it fits best based upon subject matter.
  5. iTunes Sub-Category – This is the subsection of your first category choice. I always advise using this (rather than choosing no sub-category) because it gives your show exposure in additional sections of iTunes.
  6. iTunes Summary – There is no evidence that this supports with search so use this space to create engaging content which will inspire those browsing on iTunes to subscribe.
  7. Item Title – This will be pulled from your individual podcast blog titles.
  8. Item Description – This will be pulled from your individual podcast blog content.
  9. Link to External Website – This is a powerful back-link which should go to your homepage
  10. Managing Editor Copyright – Copyright data… nothing more.
Podcasting iTunes Tag Descirptions

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What goes where in iTunes?

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