Embed a YouTube Video and Create a Search Engine Optimized (SEO) Blog Post

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We want you to be an integral part in setting up your blog for podcasting. We advise that you build out your own content which can be uploaded and published. We want you to have the freedom to add your own content whenever you want.

Adding YouTube videos from outside your business can be helpful to others in your space.  We also recommend that you add videos that aren’t in your space.  These can also create value.

This kind of marketing is about authenticity. If you can create some personalized content (even if it’s cat videos) and attach some excellent writing, you will have a better chance of engaging with your true fan.


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Ian started producing podcasts for clients in 2010. He now focuses on making Freedom Podcasting awesome. He's working on the Freedom Podcasting App, making videos about podcast studios or doing whatever else to work for Freedom Podcasting.

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