A Discussion on Podcast Editing and Podcast Production Services

Podcast Production Services

The first time I edited a podcast was in 2011. I had no idea at the time what amazing things would happen as a result of developing that skill.

For the past five years, Freedom Podcasting Company LLC has grown from a laptop experiment to a multi-national company. It’s been an amazing ride. We’ve never slowed down in offering world-class podcast production services to the people who trust us enough to turn their recordings into valuable web properties.

I was invited to speak to a group of young entrepreneurs in Chiang Mai, Thailand. In the discussion, I tell the story of the founding of the company for the first few minutes. Then I speak about podcasting strategy and how to clarify the vision for the show before starting. We even discuss some of the technical specifics of getting your recordings onto iTunes.

The goal was to offer as much value to young entrepreneurs exploring the idea of using a podcast to grow their businesses.

Travel Topics:

  • The story behind creating the Freedom Podcasting Company LLC [0:00]
  • How to promote and grow podcasts [4:30]
  • An overview of podcasting platforms [7:44]
  • How podcasting works the way we do it [9:20]
  • Ian’s thinking on transcription services [11:40]
  • How to approach someone you want to be a guest of the show [13:25]
  • Strategies for identifying if you should have transcriptions with your podcast [16:44]
  • About Libsyn as a media hosting and RSS podcast tool [17:30]
  • Using webinars to create podcasts and if YouTube is important [19:55]
  • What we do at Freedom Podcasting Company [23:25]
  • On the most creative formats in podcasting and the absolute beginners production process [24:30]
  • Using podcasting to enhance the story your business tells [29:20]
  • On the publishing frequency of podcasting [29:59]
  • Tips on growing your podcast’s audience [30:40]
  • On video podcasting, blab and periscope [32:15]
  • The demographics of podcast listeners [36:25]

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Ian started producing podcasts for clients in 2010. He now focuses on making Freedom Podcasting awesome. He's working on the Freedom Podcasting App, making videos about podcast studios or doing whatever else to work for Freedom Podcasting.

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