Dan Benjamin on Advertising Value in the Podcasting Business

By June 26, 2013Discussing Podcasting

The Importance of Making Something that Sounds Great

Dan Benjamin mentions that the sound quality of podcasts has no barrier to entry. He brings up the fact that any local radio station anywhere in the US is going to have better sound quality than 95% of the podcasts on iTunes. This is a serious problem for the medium as a whole. Naturally, for podcast producers like me, we want to see more people attracted to the medium so there are more advertising dollars and more people can spend money on us to help them get their message out. So if anyone out there is producing podcasts and would like some help. Please feel free to contact us.

The Download and Sync Process is Horrible

How awesome and crazy is it that media on demand.

“Audio is a multitasking behavior.” 15:35 – This is true. Every-time I listen to

“The word ‘podcasts’ sucks.” 18:18 – He goes on to talk about the value of using the word broadcasting. This is a smart choice.

How do you get people to go through the process of downloading podcasts, despite how it’s a challenge to download and make it happen?

How The Business of Podcasting Works

“There are two ways to look at podcasts. If you look at podcasts as this awful thing where you have to do a song and dance in order to get and the quality kinda sucks and nobody really listens and blah blah blah; then yeah, why would you try to monetize that? It’s stupid, it’s a waste of time. But if you look at podcasting as, “this is radio for people who are smart… this is radio for people who aren’t afraid of downloading an app to their phone, picking an episode that they want to hear and getting a push notification when it’s done.'” – This is how we have to look at podcasting when explaining it to people who don’t yet understand it. Dan goes on to explain that these are the people who have money too because they know how to take an extra step to get the things they want!

“If you don’t think podcasts are important, then you’re missing the future of audio and radio in general… You can’t be a well rounded organization if this isn’t part of your strategy. That’s a mistake.”

“You are a fool if you don’t think your product or service would do well in front of those [wealthy, intelligent] listeners.”

He goes on to talk about the evergreen nature of the ads that are run on podcasts. If you buy a banner ad on someone’s site, it goes away after your contract and it is never to be seen again. Adds for archived podcasts will last forever. If you go back to Joe Rogan Experience #22 right now, you will hear him talking about the Fleshlight. Fleshlight isn’t paying for exposure anymore, they are forever a part of the show and will get brand exposure for the rest of time!



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