The Team

Podcast Producer Annie

Annie Fassler

Professional Podcast Editor - Hannah

Hannah Geil-Neufeld

Podcast Producer Ian

Ian Robinson

Milo Fultz - Freedom Podcasting Company

Milo Fultz

V D'Rozario

Podcast Production Services

Sylvia Thomas

Podcast Editor Jonah

Jonah Geil-Neufeld

Ben - Freedom Podcasting Company LLC

Ben Laurance


Freedom Podcasting Company supports clients by distributing audio assets to global audiences and building out high value web properties. Clients are empowered to record raw recordings and send them to our team. We craft them into audio assets for the world to cherish.

Every encounter with us is positive, productive and effective. We view ourselves as partners with our clients, our employees and the natural environment.

Our goal is lifestyle freedom, profitability and fun for clients and employees.



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Freedom Podcast Production Services