Top Three Lesser Known Awesome Podcasts – Naomi 2019

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From the lovely people over at Maximum Fun, Sawbones is hosted by a hilarious married couple, only one of whom is a Family Medicine doctor. Each week they talk about some of the more bizarre, silly, and disgusting anecdotes in modern — and slightly less modern — medicine. Fascinating and funny.

The Adventure Zone

The Adventure Zone is an adventure actual play podcast very loosely based on Dungeons & Dragons (there are elevators in these fantasy lands, for starters). This is another gem from the Maximum Fun network and is hosted by three brothers: Justin, Travis, and Griffin McElroy, and their father Clint. They are prone to fits of contagious laughter and there is something especially endearing about their regular admissions that they have forgotten at least one of the pertinent rules.

It is best to start at the beginning of a new quest. Each quest lasts about 10 episodes.

Ronna & Beverly

I will never stop recommending this podcast, even though there haven’t been any new episodes since mid-2017, when the pair were scheduled to do a live show and canceled under mysterious circumstances. Don’t fret, though. There are still over 160 episodes of Jessica Chaffin and Jamie Denbo’s characters, Ronna Glickman and Beverly Ginsberg, the “best-selling co-authors of You’ll Do A Little Better Next Time: A Guide to Marriage and Re-marriage for Jewish Singles.”

Each week they discuss current events, their personal lives — especially their disappointing adult children — with each other and various celebrity guests.

To get started, listen to A Beginner’s Guide to Ronna & Beverly.


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