Top Three Lesser Known Awesome Podcasts – Ian 2019

By October 8, 2019Picks

Doctor Death

Doctor Death is the cringyestt podcast I’ve ever listened to. The Wondery people put this podcast together beautifully. Even though Doctor Death is a terribly sad story, I still think it was a magnificent example of story telling.

Jocko Podcast

Jocko Podcast is full of stories from fascinating military veterans of the past. His series with John Stryker Meyer, a veteran of the secret war in Laos and Vietnam, was especially fascinating. The episodes to start are as follows:

180 | 181 | 182 | 186

It’s not just war, this podcast speaks well on leadership and being a good person overall.

Invest Like a Boss

Johnny and Sam discuss investing in a way that is reminiscent of the Adventure Capitalist, Jim Rodgers. They travel to countries all over the world and interview interesting financial people. They have a NO/BS approach to investing which I love.

Investing shows are generally terrible because so much of the industry is based on making it seem complicated. These guys make investing simple and understandable. I love it.


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