How to Run Spell Check with Google Chrome

To Run Spell Check when in Chrome follow the Following Steps:

1. Highlight the content you want to spell check
2. Click Edit tab on top menu
3. Got to Spelling and Grammar
4. Follow the process going forward

To Run Spell Check on a Mac with Stock Hotkeys:

Press CMD + SHIFT + ;

This is what it Looks Like to Spell Check with Google Chrome:

Spell Check with Google Chrome


The Back Story of the Spell Check Blog Post

Spell check on the mac saves my life. If it weren’t for spell check, I’d probably be out of the job as it’s hilarious watching me try to write without it.

I do too.

I keep a journal where I write long hand. It’s embarrassing.

But that doesn’t really weigh on my conscious too much. I mean, in Spanish there are no spelling issues. Everything is phonetic. No spelling is a uniquely English pretension that doesn’t make me care all that much.

At Freedom Podcasting we produce hundreds of podcasts a quarter which garners the undivided attention of millions of people over the course of less than a year. It’s amazing.

Of course, exposure like this gets us a tidal wave of hate mail from said pretentious english folks.

They are the types that will consider your whole essay, multimedia production, story arch and truckload of excellently designed features will consider the whole project bunk if you don’t use they’re ideal of language (that one was on purpose.)

Anyways, if you want to double check your spelling, use the directions above. I hope they support you.

With Appreciation,

Ian Robinson CEO @ FP


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