Podcasting Secrets – Miles Beckler has a Conversation with Ian and V

We met with Melanie and Miles Beckler while they had a minute to rest in Incline Village, Nevada. We enjoyed some sandwiches on a few picnic chairs on the beach at Lake Tahoe and went for a trip to the spa. Somewhere in-between, Miles took a minute to invite us on his YouTube channel to discus podcasting. Here is the show:

Thank You for the conversation Miles Beckler

Miles Beckler has been doing online marketing for a long time. He works with his wife, Melanie Beckler who run a website called Ask Angels. Ask Angels is a whole library of spiritual education and a lot of stuff I don’t honestly understand. Bottom line, these guys are great with online marketing and developing businesses around content marketing.

Freedom Podcasting Miles Beckler

We really enjoy spending time with them. The first time we met was on the second Nomad Cruise. The cruise was a lot of fun. We then had a power day in Portugal. The next time we met up, it was in Sedona, Arizona. We made two movies that day, one for Melanie’s channel, the other for my own.

I hope this conversation is useful for you. Thank you for watching.


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