Podcasting Will Devour The Old Media

Podcasting isn’t blowing up as a powerful media source.

It’s growing like an oak tree.

It’s Authentic.

It’s Anti-Fragile.

The more volatility in the media market, the more powerful podcasting becomes.

A recent article in Time magazine discusses how Dan Carlin is garnering about 40,000 downloads each time he puts out an episode of Hardcore History. They note that major national TV shows garner about 400,000 viewers.

This means Dan Carlin is winning 10% of the attention on launch day as the national media. Here’s the thing: Dan Carlin does it in his $7,000 private recording studio and a single full time employee. The national guys are doing it with tremendous teams and budgets.

80/20 this and you will see a huge opportunity for opening up your marketing to the New Media.

But everyone in New Media knows this.

The article mentions that only 10% of podcasters have viable business from this. This is going to change if the attention keeps shifting towards podcasting. Check out this graph about the market share growth of podcasting:

Attention Market Share Growth of Podcasting

(photo: Time Magazine September 30, 2013)

It’s not like, you’ve got to get in now, or else you’ll miss the boat.

But the big guys are coming and if you decide to wait, you might have to compete directly with them, rather than just winning right now.

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