Where Podcast RSS Data Displays on iTunes Podcast Page

When building my podcast RSS feed how do I know what goes where in iTunes?

When entering RSS data for a podcast feed, what shows up in iTunes where


When building your podcast RSS feed it’s a mystery for first time podcasters to know what goes where. The above diagram gives a brief description of the most important aspects of a podcast. It shows what tags from your RSS feed display where on the iTunes page.

My intention is that this will be helpful for first time podcasters and also for clients who want to communicate effectively with their podcast producer.

Some Pro iTunes Podcasting Tips:

  • Once you publish your changes to your RSS feed, iTunes will take 2-3 days to reflect the changes so do so calmly and let the results come in before changing again.
  • iTunes SEO is most heavily focused on the Author and the Title Tag (if you’re a keyword stuffer, go for these sections)
  • Remember podcasting is a marathon. You can change this stuff 100 times as you move forward.

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