How to Share Garageband Recordings With Your Podcast Editor

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Can I Share .band Files Via DropBox?

Working with GarageBand and DropBoxThis is not advisable.

We’ve lost data doing this. When I say data, I mean we’ve lost really awesome moments that will be forever gone to the human condition. It’s a travesty to lose data.

I advise backing everything up that you share with your podcast editor. Sharing files over the internet is reliable, but it’s not 100% reliable.

Best Practice for Sharing Garageband Recordings with your Podcast Editor:

The Sharing Steps in Writing:

  1. Record your superb angelic voice into GarageBand
  2. Save the GarageBand file (.band file) to a safe & organized place on your hard drive
  3. Find the .band file (the one you just saved) and right click the icon
  4. Go to Open Package Contents and click
  5. Open the Media folder
  6. Highlight all of the .aiff audio files and Copy (cmd/ctrl C) them.
  7. Open up the DropBox folder that you share with your podcast editor
  8. Paste (cmd/ctrl V) them into the new folder

WaLa –  Your files will be safely stored on your own personal harddrive and you will have successfully employed DropBox to deliver your goods to the podcast editor.

We take it from here and make that perfect final product that iTunes will sling out to the millions of starving masses yearning for your sweet sweet words.




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