Podcast Statistics: How to Research and What They Mean

This is an article about podcast statistics (stats). First, I’ll explain how to check your stats on the platforms we use. Second, I’ll go into detail about how it works and what it means.

How to Check Libsyn Podcast Statistics

How to Check Podcast Stats Libsyn


View all Stats Podcast Libsyn

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How to Check SoundCloud Podcast Statistics

  • Go to SoundCloud and login
  • Click the drop down menu and select the Stats tab

SoundCloud Podcasting Stats

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How to Check Stitcher Podcast Statistics

How to Check Stitcher Podcast Statistics

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What Podcasting Stats are Telling You

Download Stats are Binary

Most podcasts statistics record downloads. This means that a download counts as one. If a member of your audience downloads your show and never actually listened to it, their download is counted just the same as if they listened to it 100 times over.

Stitcher is Special, but it’s not as popular

Stitcher has more information. They can tell you about your audience listening time and completion rate. Libsyn and SoundCloud just count downloads so the information is less complete.

iTunes is the 80% of the Download Game

This is so consistent that it can be considered a law at the time of writing this (Jan 2016.) Almost 80% of a podcasts downloads will come from iTunes.

Are SoundCloud and Libsyn stats relates?

SoundCloud stats are separate from Libsyn stats. If you are seeking a total download number, you should add your SoundCloud stats to your Libsyn stats.

Finally, Be Wary of Statistics

Be careful with your time when viewing stats.

Your time is almost certainly better spent creating vs. contemplating stats.

Go into the stats dashboard with a purpose. Identify the info you seek. Close it down and get back to creating. It’s easy to burn time in that statistics tab.

It’s easy to burn time in that statistics tab.


Do You Have Questions on Podcasting Statistics?

Please feel ask in the comment below. We’re here to help and your comments are cherished.



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