The Fizzle Podcast Success: 4,500 Hours of Attention in 3.5 Days

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Fizzle Success in PodcastingCorbett Barr and the illustrious Fizzle team seem to be enjoying the success of their new podcast.

I’d imagine that they were inspired to make it happen in part due to the success that Pat Flynn and the Smart Passive Income podcast. I found Corbett Bar via Pat and it’s electrifying to be following them both.

I’m not going to lie, I’ve only listened to half of episode #1. I was fastidiously listening to Corbett discussing how crazy scary it is to find one’s voice; but then I got caught up in a wild adventure that required intense focus, so I had to turn the show off to avoid severe injury.

Anyways, they mentioned some metrics that I feel would be valuable to mention here:

  • They had 5,000 podcast downloads in 3.5 days since launching

Their show averages about 54 minutes so that means that they have enjoyed the attention of their audience for about 4,500 hours in 3.5 days. Yeah. Thats a lot of attention.

  • They have 51 reviews in iTunes and 43 of them are 5 star reviews

This is serious engagement and though I bet they have a review from Mom each, (3 Mother votes) that still means 40 people felt the urge to take time out of their day to send support to these newborn podcasters.

  • They mention that the podcast medium allows them to express ideas that are challenging to portray in written form.

The power of podcasting is in getting a message across in a way that no other media can. I’m a firm believer in this and if you don’t yet get the value of it. Listen to Pat talk about it.

  • I’m quoting from the e-mail newsletter, “…we think podcasting is in it’s infancy, with tons of interesting opportunities to come.”

Yeah, I agree. If you are thinking about podcasting, you could fill out this survey and our team will help you make the decision.


**Addition June 18th 2013 – These guys put out another excellent source for podcasters. Check it out here.



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