Why Would a Small Company Utilize Podcast Services?

We’re going to keep this short.

Why would a small company podcast?

  • Authentic Customer Engagement – Leads are easier to convert to sales when customers are engaged. It’s easier to make a clear value proposition.
  • Establishing Authority – With a podcast, the company becomes the authority. Opportunities¬†open up for authorities.
  • Networking – The show is a networking opportunity. With an interview show, it’s always good to ask the question, “do you know anyone else who might be a good fit for the show?” It’s an opportunity to open up those doors to serendipity.
  • Content Marketing/Search Engine Optimization (SEO)¬†– A podcast makes producing quality content less time intensive. Business leaders should be leveraging their time. Business leaders shouldn’t be doing their copywriting, graphic design, SEO and all that other stuff. The best business leaders share their expertise and let the developers do the post production. Leave the web development to the podcast producer, they are the experts at that.

What types of businesses would benefit from podcast services?

Our small business clients include hedge funds, psychologists, tech companies, crowdfunding platforms and more.

I think any business could benefit from a great podcast. Even utility companies, plumbing contractors and restaurant managers.

What would you tell a small business that is considering using podcast services?

It’s all about identifying the goals of their businesses. Here are some goals followed by strategies:

  • Do they want a large audience to sell to? -> Have a podcast with stars or well-known industry experts.
  • Want your CEO to be in a position to land larger contracts and connect with the leaders in the industry? -> Have a podcast with the leaders of legacy companies in their space.
  • Do they want to tell the story of their community involvement to improve their public perception? -> Talk about the projects you’re working on or the charities your funding.

Different goals lead to different podcasts. Podcasting is medium that can be used in many different ways to achieve their goals.


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