So you want to start your own podcast but you don’t have the upfront capital to get the Freedom Podcasting team to create it for you?

That’s not a problem.

We have created a product that will take you all the way through the podcast production process.

From what audio equipment to buy to how to submit your podcast to iTunes. Everything is included in here.

This product will be selling for $97 but for the School of Greatness Academy we’re providing a special sale of 20% off for the first 20 people who purchase via the button below.
This is a fool proof system either you, or a member of your team, can follow to get your podcast up and running for only $78.39


What the Chapters Cover:

  1. Get the Equipment (Low Cost, Medium Cost & Pro Options)

  2. Set up your WordPress Blog for podcasting

  3. Record Your First Show with a Guest on Skype

  4. Beginner Level Professional Post Production and Audio Polishing

  5. Mixing the Audio Elements Together for a Beautiful Sounding Audio

  6. Tagging Your Podcast Professionally

  7. Uploading to Hosting (Libsyn)

  8. Linking (Libsyn) to your WordPress Blog

  9. Notes for Launch and hitting the New and Noteworthy

  10. Submitting Feed to the 3 Most Important Podcast Platforms


  • Over 20 minutes of succinct screen casts where you can work alongside the Freedom Podcasting team to develop your own excellent podcast.
  • Over 30 images showing exactly how to configure your website so that it displays your podcast on the platforms perfectly
  • A step-by-step tutorial on how to do audio post production
  1. Noise Removal
  2. Rendering Silence
  3. Splicing out unneeded sections
  4. Mixing all the elements together elegantly


In 2011, my Australian wife wasn’t allowed back into the country to be with me while I was growing a freshly profitable biofuel company.

Right then and there I had to decide:

Do I choose my business and reinvent my marriage or do I choose my wife and reinvent my business?

So I flew across the Pacific Ocean and left it all behind. I decided to find a way to make a living on the internet so I wasn’t subject to the whims of federal government immigration policies.

My search for a solution to this problem led me to listening to podcasts like a fiend. A few months later, after listening to every Virtual Business Lifestyle podcast, I won an internship with Chris Ducker ( While working with him in Cebu, Philippines, I learned the ins and outs of podcast production.

Chris introduced me to Lewis Howes and since then we have co-created The School of Greatness podcast which is often featured as a top world-wide podcast on the various platforms.

Over the past year of creating podcasts for clients, I have developed a system that leaves every show sounding perfect and developing a strategy that brings in listeners and limits exposure to big mistakes that cause people to lose audience.

This is that system and if I had this system a year ago, I think my business would be double what it is right now. I humbly offer it to you and can assure you 100% that if you follow this process (or hand it to an assistant to manage) you will have a value rich podcast that sounds better than most the shows out there and shows up without flaw on all the major podcast platforms.

CEO at Freedom Podcasting

With Appreciation,

Ian Robinson
Freedom Podcasting Company LLC