What We Do

We offer a complete podcasting service. Send us your audio files and we publish a fully remastered, artistically edited and properly tagged podcast to iTunes. We take all the work out of your hands so you can focus on your interviews, or your monologues.

Podcast Art Design

Having engaging podcast art is important to gaining listeners. Our podcast art designers are experts at getting you the most engaging podcast art available.

We’ve developed a large portfolio of podcast art and we are ready to create yours for you.

Episode Art Design

Most podcasts these days aren’t taking advantage of episode art design in their work. Episode art helps impact listeners when sharing your episodes over social media. Often times podcasters (even professional podcasters) put out episodes that don’t visually explain what the episode is about. This stunts their reach.

With our help, you don’t need to make that mistake.


Proper tagging of your RSS feed and mp3 file can be (specific per platform) a headache. Professional podcasts contain lots of meta data. Many podcasters will manage to get the tagging correct, but they will fail to keep it consistent throughout the show. After your episodes pile up, the meta-data could become a giant tangle of mismatched data.

We have operating procedures that organise this and keep you looking professional the whole way through.

Audio Engineering

The best audio files are the ones that sound good. You could be chatting with Chuck Norris, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Charles Bronson and Nelson Mandela; but if your sound quality is rubbish; you will lose listeners. Freedom Podcasting is passionate about high-quality podcasts. We love mixing in excellent music to perfectly levelled podcasts which play together seamlessly.

Your listeners will appreciate it.

Back End Podcast Publishing

Podcasting requires some detailed back-end web development. Different podcasting platforms (iTunes, Zune, Stitcher, etc.) have specific details that they display from your RSS feed. The best shows have the right information displayed in the right places so their listeners get the best experience.

We’ve got a process for publishing so you don’t have to think about it.

Segment & Element Ideas

Podcasts are works of art and creativity. At times, this can be a challenge for the podcaster to complete. Perhaps there is some music lacking or some audience engagement lacking. We’ve got ideas to overcome these troubled times.

We’ve been there before and we are ready to help you make the best piece of audible art possible.

Search Engine Optimization/Platform Optimization

SEO is the opposite of sexy. It’s mathematical and robotic. None-the-less, when podcasting you want to be optimized for the iTunes search engine as well as for Google. When you start grinding out podcasts, many of your new listeners will find you through search engines. Being optimized to show up properly will help you maximize your reach. We have strategies and systems for getting to the top of the iTunes New and Noteworthy section.

Look There’s More…

It’s Working for Those Who Take Advantage

Joe Rogan’s podcast has helped change the way comedians sell out shows. He (and all his friends) travel around the US selling-out every theater they visit. In the old days, they needed help from mainstream media. Now they do it on their own. They’re faster, smarter and better. Don’t believe me? Check Joey’s story, or Duncan’s (or Ari’s or Brian’s.)

Sure these are all comedians. What about non-professionally funny people? Do we have a opportunity to crush it with podcasting? Pat, Chris and Lewis have done amazing things with their podcasts. They’re entertaining but they aren’t professional entertainers!

Sending your message to the masses has never been easier. The New Media landscape provides limitless growth potential for your personal message or that brand you’re trying to get traction with. Will you be one of the one’s to take advantage of the New Media landscape?

If you are, I hope you consider podcasting. If you consider podcasting, we can help.

Kings of the Podcasting Jungle

We take great pride in the service we offer. We love our work and hope to combine our passion with the message of our clients. That’s what we do. If you’re interested in bringing a passionate team of audio-internet geeks onto your team, let’s start a conversation.