How to Record Split Track Audio using Zoom

By December 20, 2019Podcasting Process

The following screenshots describe how to set Zoom to record a separate audio file per individual participant. First you want to go to preferences:

How to Record Split Track Audio using Zoom - Select Preferences

Secondly, you want to click the recording tab on the settings menu.

On the recording tab, you’ll find a checkbox that says “Record a separate audio file for each participant”. Click the checkbox there.

How to Record Split Track Audio using Zoom - Record a Track for Each Participant

Now you’re set up to record multiple audio files when you do zoom recordings.

Why We Prefer Split Track Recordings

As audio engineers, we prefer split track recordings because it allows us more options when we are improving your audio quality.

For example, if your guest has a dog barking in the background while you’re speaking, with split track recordings we can remove the sound of the dog entirely without affecting your recording quality. If we don’t receive your files in multiple files (i.e. split track) it is almost impossible to remove the sound of the dog barking without destroying the quality of your recording.

Hope this helps!


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