About Podcasting

Q. What is a Podcast?

A. A podcast is an internet radio show. It’s on demand, which means that listeners can download and listen to it wherever they are and whenever they want. Podcasts have global reach. They can be downloaded the same day of production from Belize to Botswana. The audience for podcasting is growing as technological distribution is becoming easier and easier.

Q. What are the benefits of someone listening to a podcast?

A. This is a new form of education, an entertaining audio at your fingertips, it is easy accessible, no advertisements, great sounding quality, a step into the future and a connection to the rest of the world.

Q. What are the benefits of creating a Podcast?

A. They are limitless. Growing your business or brand, customer engagement, being on new exploding platforms, massive exposure, you are surrounded by like-minded people and joining the podcast revolution.

Q. What is the easiest way to create a podcast and how can I start a Podcast on iTunes?

A. Hire us to create your dream show for you! Our team will build you an RSS feed with media URL enclosures and submit this feed to iTunes.

Q. What is the process for tagging the show?

A. You will need to fill out this google form that provides us with meta data for the show. It is quick and easy and takes about 20 seconds.


Q.  What programs do you recommend for recording podcasts?

A.  Skype is great for recording interviews, it also works perfectly if you need to record a 3 way conversation. For recording in-house get Audacity. These recording solutions are simple, quick, have built in tools to ensure quality recordings and most importantly free to download.

Q.  Piezo or Call Recorder?

A.  Call Recorder works well, but we’ve had issues with files size and redundant data. Piezo is well designed, simple and clean. We think you’ll like it much more.

Q.  How do I record an interview with Skype and Piezo?  

A.  Watch this quick and easy tutorial which runs you through the whole set up.

Q.  Does Piezo record both sides of the interview?

A.  Yes. It also splits both recordings into tracks for improved editing.

Q.  Is it ok the files are saved as .mp3’s?

A.  Yes in our opinion the .mp3 recordings are fine. They’re not as robust and there is less data to work with, but we find that it doesn’t limit our capacity to use them as material to produce great podcasts.

Q.  What equipment do you recommend to start a Podcast? 

A.  For all your equipment needs head on over to http://freedompodcasting.com/studio for a list of the best quality and most affordable recording devices on the market today. We also recommend for in person interviews you have 2 microphones because passing the mic back and forth breaks up the conversation.

Q.  Should I invest in recording equipment?

A.  Yes.  If you’re serious about creating a podcast that people want to listen to, quality recording equipment is a no brainer.  In my experience (after producing well over 200 podcast episodes) quality is a huge differentiator from shows that are successful and those that aren’t.

If you’ve come this far, you’re going to be investing a significant amount of time into your show. Quality should be high on your priority list. Especially since it’s so inexpensive.  With all the time you spend recording, producing and publishing; the investment will pay-off many times over.

Q.  Would it be the end of the world if I get the Technica mic and not the 2i2 mixer? Just going mic to USB in that case.

A.  When listening with or without the mixer I hear a considerable difference in sound quality. It’s deeper, richer and I want to hear the recording that was created with the mixer more.

I recommend using the mixer (and the ATR-2100 microphone of course) to all my clients and friends. The reason is that, quality can make or break a show. As a podcaster, you will be using this equipment again and again in the coming months and years. You might record 1,000 hours of audio on the equipment you’re about to buy. Think about the compounding value of making that sound quality just 1% better. How will that overall value of increasing your sound quality look like over the course of the next 10 years?

It could be exponential. I guess the better question is, “how serious are you about making your recordings?”

Q.  Do you recommend picking up some sort of boom arm? Or is the ATR desk mount sufficient?

A.  I don’t have a recommendation on boom arms because I travel all the time so a boom arm isn’t practical for me. If I had a home studio, I would definitely get a boom arm. I’ve recorded in studios with great boom arms and it’s more fun and sort of inspires you to record more. It doesn’t seem like there are great Pro options out there yet for the Audio Technica 2100… but I did find this YouTube video of a guy who made one (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q4LbxckDjmk)

Q.  What’s phantom power?

A.  Phantom power is just power being fed to the microphones through the cables (in this case, XLR cables.) Why use the term? Because it explains that the microphones use power which is a trait of higher quality recordings.

WordPress vs SquareSpace

Q.  What do you recommend for hosting my podcast?

A.  We recommend serving your URL on a WordPress site.  WordPress has so many great options.  If one day you want to have contributors, or a membership site, or SEO systems which most people know how to work, all of these can be worked with WordPress.

Q.  What about SquareSpace? Will this do the hosting job?

A.  SquareSpace is more like a tool for people who just want to create a simple beautiful site.   The downside with SquareSpace is that it becomes more and more of a cage with time.  SquareSpace doesn’t have a built in podcasting capacity so we’d have to build the podcast offsite. That’s not a problem and we do that for many clients, but we do recommend serving off a WordPress site.

Licensed Music

Q.  Where do I purchase licensed music for the shows intro and outro and how much is it?

A.  Audio can be purchased anywhere between $10 – $80 which makes the show 100% legal internationally.  We recommend Audio Jungle for inexpensive high quality licensed music.

Q.  Where do I start and how do I find a song that I like?  

A.  If you have any preferences, e.g a particular genre, artist, song, we will take that into consideration when researching for music for your show.  We will make a short list of songs we think would be a great fit for the show.  Then, all that needs to be done is for you to make the executive decision on the perfect tune.

Q.  Can you purchase music on our behalf, if so, what is the process?

A.  Yes.  We would be happy to use our account to purchase it on your behalf.  Especially since this is a one off purchase.  We would then make a customized list of approximately 3 audio tracks we think would best suit your show.  Once you decide which one is a perfect fit, we will purchase it for you and invoice accordingly.

Intro and Outro

Q.  How long does an Intro and Outro have to be?

A.  We suggest 10 – 25 seconds for your Intro and 15 – 40 seconds for your Outro.  This is just to brand the show.  No-one wants to hear long intro’s that are repeated each episode.

Q.  Do you have any script ideas or suggestions?

A.  We sure do!

Intro:  “Welcome to <Show Name>.  I’m your host <Your Name>.  I’ve been a <list your title and what you want to be known for>.  Now let’s get this podcast started.”

Outro:  “The best way you can support the show is to share it with your family and friends.  Don’t miss the opportunity to learn more about this podcast @<Your website email> and feel free to subscribe and leave a review on iTunes if you enjoyed the show. Thanks for listening.”

Check out: The Tim Ferriss Show and The School of Greatness for 2 great examples of awesome intros and outros.

iTunes, Stitcher & other Podcast Platforms

Q.  How do I get into New & Noteworthy on iTunes?

A.  You will want as many Subscribers, Listens and Downloads to get into the New and Noteworthy section of iTunes. This is where you will enjoy the most exposure to new audiences.  You only have an 8 week window from launch date to be in the N & N section so promote, promote, promote! Also, ensure that your show resides in 3 separate main Categories.  e.g. Business, Religion & Spirituality and Society & Culture. Having 2 of the same main categories is effectively redundant in terms of exposure.

Q.  How long does it take for iTunes to accept the Podcast?

A.  Generally the CSS feed takes approximately 3-4 days to be accepted.  This cannot be guaranteed. However, this is all taken care of pre-launch so your show is on all platforms and ready to go by launch date.

Q.  How long will it take to reflect changes made to my show in iTunes?

A.  iTunes can take up to 48hours to reflect changes.  e.g.  Even if we publish on Monday morning the changes may not show up on the iTunes store until Tuesday.  This is just an iTunes thing and this complexity is unique to this platform.

Q.  How long does the show take after hitting ‘Publish’ to show up on iTunes?

A.  There is a delay from publication to iTunes of approximately 2 hours to show up on the iTunes store.  Therefore, keep this in mind when scheduling episodes out.

Q.  What if people do not have access to iTunes, how can they listen to the show?

A.  If you have a samsung and other devices which don’t sync up with iTunes, you can listen to the show by downloading the TuneIn App.

Q.  Do I need a SoundCloud Account?

A.  Yes.  If you do not have one we will create one for you.  SoundCloud is a HTML 5 which is mobile responsive, it has design elements we can utilise and it backs up all the podcasts.  Statistics reflected in SoundCloud are supplementary to those reflected in Libsyn so we add them together to get a total download count.  You will receive all sign in details for your account (if we set it up for you). You will also be added on as a user so you will have access via an email from SoundCloud.

Q.  How does Stitcher work?

A.  Stitcher automatically downloads and reduces all of the episodes so they can stream the show from their platform to devices with low bandwidth.  Stitcher has it’s own log in and records it’s own download statistics aswell.  Stitcher downloads should also be added to your overall download count, as shows downloaded on Stitcher will only be counted on the Stitcher account.  Stitcher provides excellent statistical information regarding listener time, completion rate aswell as download counts. When we launch the show we will submit the feed to Stitcher and from then on the show will be automatically uploaded and served from their platform.  Unlike with iTunes, Stitcher generally reflects new shows within an hour or 2 of publication.  We will provide you with all log in details in a document shared via Dropbox.

Q.  How does TuneIn work?

A.  TuneIn and most other podcast platforms (excluding SoundCloud and Stitcher) simply reflect the RSS data and therefore pull from the source media file which we provide.   When we submit the show to TuneIn they generally respond within 2 – 3 days with an email providing the new show URL that will be available within the next 24hours.  We will send this to you as soon as we receive it.

Q.  What is Libsyn and which Libsyn.com package should I purchase for hosting?

A.  Libsyn is a podcast hosting service.  Essentially they ensure that if 5,000 people download your 50MB podcast, the servers don’t fail.  Start with the 50 MB – $5 per month plan with Libsyn.  It’s easy to increase the plan when needed without any additional information.  Libsyn is designed to handle large traffic requirements.  The band width is not dependant upon the plan that you select.

Q.  I can’t seem to see the track in the SoundCloud preview, how can I fix the track if this issue happens and why does this happen?

A.  Directions for how to embed the SoundCloud media player:

  1. Go to SoundCloud Track you want to Embed
  2. Click Share
  3. Go to the HTML5
  4. Set Color in More Options
  5. Copy Code
  6. Paste Code into Text box of the blog editing format
  7. Save work and test blog post to ensure it’s working.

This is a very interesting issue. It’s possible that there were edits made in SoundCloud (specifically to the permalink) which would render the players unusable.  When this happens you must go through and refresh the embed code for all episodes going forward.

Promoting the Show

Q.  What platforms do you use to promote the show?

A.  Here are a list of platforms we generally submit the show to: iTunes, SoundCloud, Stitcher, TuneIn, Blackberry, DoubleTwist, Zune, Windows Phone.

Q.  When can I start promoting the show?

A.  Once we submit the feed to go live on iTunes (approx 3-4 days) then we have a buffer of 1-2 days to ensure everything is perfect before promotion begins.  Example:  Submit feed – Sunday, iTunes excepts feed – Wednesday, Start Promoting to your email list – Friday.

Q.  How can I promote my show?

A.  Below is an example of the iTunes Link you will receive once the show is live.  With this you will be able to send traffic from your mailing list to your iTunes page. From this location customers can Subscribe, Download and leave Reviews for the show.  You can also post this link on all Social Media platforms. e.g. https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/yourshowsname/id865885663

Q.  When will I receive the iTunes platform link to share with my audience?

A.  Once iTunes accepts the show (which generally takes 2-4 business days) they will respond with the link to the live show.  Once we receive this we will send it to you to start promoting! We also create an easy to remember re-direct link. e.g. www.yourdomain.com/iTunes.

Q.  Do you have any Copy suggestions or ideas for the mailout?

A.  Make sure to include the iTunes link a few times. e.g. https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/yourshowsname/id865885663

  1. Add a How to Subscribe to Podcasts – Maybe a step by step instruction for subscribing to a show on iTunes using an iPhone
  2. List out Benefits of Media on Demand – You can listen to these when your exercising, going for a walk, driving long distances, cooking etc
  3. Ask people to Share it with friends and put the show on the phones of friends who they think would benefit from listening to this show
  4. Create a Facebook Group for the Listeners of the Podcast – A place for like minded people and your tribe to come together
  5. Do an e-mail per episode – Write a small paragraph (teaser) about each week’s episode to go out in your weekly newsletter – mail out.

Q.  How do I get a large volume of traffic and downloads, what suggestions do you have on how to Promote the Show to get the numbers?

A.  Promotion To Dos:

  1. Update all biography information on Entrepreneur/Business Insider/YouTube/Twitter or anything else with something to the degree of “(Your name), host of (your podcast name) Podcast” or “…listen to ‘your name’ on iTunes.”
  1. Post and Share on your personal and professional (business) Facebook pages and on all other Facebook groups you are in.

Examples of a Message:

“The (Shows Name) is live on iTunes! It’s free to listen to and I’d love your feedback.

Please click over to iTunes, leave a review and hit the subscribe button. We’re trying to get as many downloads and iTunes reviews as possible.

As a thank you, everyone who leaves a review will be featured on the (Shows Name) Podcast Promotion Thank You Page.

The first few weeks are crucial for podcasts and I’m grateful for your attention and help in promotion.”

  1. We can give you advice on how to create a quick ‘Thank you Page’ for people to help promote the show. Once this is created you must make sure that everyone who leaves an iTunes review on the store is linked to on this page. You must ensure it goes to a subpage (domain.com/about) as it’s an incentive for all SEO/Internet business types (back links are money!)


Q.  What should I look for when looking for a sponsor?

A.  When contemplating your sponsor, we would advise that you ask yourself, “Will this sponsor help grow my audience in a way that inspires them to get my latest product/buy my book/join my tribe?” If the answer is yes, go for it, if no, don’t do it.

Q.  What do you think about starting out with a complimentary sponsor?

A.  We think a complimentary sponsor is a great idea. Especially if they can add value to the show. Duncan Trussell (Check his crazy advertisement for Hulu Plus at -1:22:00) does these hilarious advertisements which are actually our favorite part of his show.

Q.  What would be the benefits of taking on a complimentary sponsor?

A.  Using a complimentary sponsor would be great when beginning your podcast.  Even though they will not be paying at first, it is an awesome way to help promote the show through their channels and lend you some credit.  (“Like wow – she/he’s brand new and already has sponsors!?”)

Affiliate Deals

Q.  Do you recommend setting up an affiliate deal with Audible?

A.  Yes. Audible is great because you can just talk about books you love that are on offer at Audible.  The opportunities are endless!

Q.  How do I set up affiliate deals?

A.  It’s quite easy to get an account at CJ.com and you could set up affiliate deals with Audible or a massive array of other very professional sounding companies. Best of all, it’s an affiliate website so any sales would provide direct deposit income into your bank account.

Scheduling the Show

Q.  Does it matter what day of the week I schedule each episode?

A.  This is a very personal choice.  We have clients publish every day of the week.  Publishing days get the highest downloads, but we don’t have a lot of data on when people listen because… well it’s on demand.  When they download the shows, they have them on their iPhone but can listen to it whenever they want. Scheduling each episode at the same time each week is quick and easy. Generally if you schedule them weekly at the same time and day e.g. 2am Monday (in the correct time zone you are in) the show will be uploaded on all platforms by approximately 4am Monday. 

Q.  How do I set a scheduled time for episodes to go live on Word Press?

  1.  Find Post in WordPress
  2. In Publish Box find Schedule For Option
  3. Select the Time and Date you want to Post to Go live
  4. Click Schedule

The post will be saved and published at the date selected (FYI – Please check that the Time Zone you are in is correct.)

Q.  How do I Change the Time Zone on the Blog?

  1. Go to WordPress
  2. Hover Over Settings Tab and Click General
  3. Select Desired Time Zone from Dropdown Menu
  4. Click Save Changes button at the bottom of the page.

Note: This will change the publication time for all previously published blog posts.  When the blog post is published, the podcast shows up on iTunes.

Tracking Podcast Results

Q.  Is there a way to track iTunes subscribers, I’d like to track and record our progress if possible?

A.  The short answer is, “No.” iTunes doesn’t have publicly available statistical data and they keep their algorithms and methods strictly secret.

With time we can make reasonably accurate estimations on a subscriber count. Each time we put out an episode there will be a spike in downloads. We can subtract the day to day downloads from the spike to have a good idea for how many people are subscribing.  To find these statistics, go to Libsyn.com with your username and password details.

The only way to check iTunes ratings is to look on the iTunes store and check the category/top podcast list.  You can also check iTunes, TuneIn and Soundcloud stats through Soundcloud. You can see additional stats in your Stitcher Partner login. Stitcher stats are separate because they download your show and allow streaming off their servers.

Basically, you will have a better idea for subscribers after you have published a few shows. You will see consistent spikes in downloads when you publish and you can get an idea for subscribers based on those automated spikes in downloads. iTunes gives no data to producers so you can never know for sure. But you can get a good idea with time.

Cover Art

Q.  Can you provide podcast and episode art for the show?

A.  Yes.  If you have any images you would like to use in the Show Art, you can Dropbox them to us and we will design a handful of options you can choose from.  If you like the font or the border or the image of one option we can mix that together with another. We ask you to feel free to offer suggestions and we can show you another proof sheet based on your choices. If you love one, we can tweak it to make it perfect.  We then use your Show Art to create well branded weekly Episode Art for you.

Q.  Will the size and quality be sufficient enough to use for promotional purposes?  

A.  Yes.  We will send you a copy of the Cover Art in a higher resolution image (1400 x 1400) and a smaller image (70 x 70) because it’s important that the art looks great when large or when small.  We will also send you a smaller image (500 x 500) for social media promotions.

Q.  What else can you create for promotion?

A.  We can send you the final Cover art with an “iTunes” “Now on iTunes” or “Listen for Free” stamp.  It can also be something along those lines.  You can decide what you think would work to help promote the show to your audience and we can create it.

Q.  How will I know what it will look like in the iTunes store?

A. Once we have created your Cover Art we take a screen shot of it and email it to you so that you can see how it will look distributed in iTunes.  We also remind you to view the image at 100%.