How to Become a Producer

Q. How do I start out?

A.  You can learn everything you need to know about podcast producing from the course we have created on Udemy.

Q.  Is it a competitive field to get into? 

A.  Podcasting is a limitless landscape. Anyone can make a show and put it live on the store tomorrow. Great shows that are shared can top the charts, even if they come from nowhere.

Q.  What sort of education do you need? 

A.  You don’t need an education. It’s just work ethic.

Q.  Does it also encompass music production? 

A.  Music production is a huge subject. A lot of the stuff we learn in podcasting can help someone transfer into music production.

Q.  How much does it pay per podcast (roughly)? 

A.  It depends on your client and the complexity of the show. Also, if you work for yourself, someone else or a production company such as Freedom Podcasting.

Q.  Is it expensive at first? 

A.  No way. It’s quite inexpensive. Especially at first.  All you need is a computer and time.

Q.  What is the demand for the job?

A.  We have about 3 – 5 leads per week of people reaching out to us.
Thanks for your questions. We’d love to see you in the course. If you’re passionate about podcasting and are interested in working with Freedom Podcasting after you take the course, please contact us.