Automatically Share Skype Podcast Recordings with Your Producer

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This tutorial shows how to select the destination folder of your Skype recording using Piezo.

This is the final step in automating your podcasting process. Once you’ve done this, you can interview people for your show and the files will immediately be shared with your production team.

Your job is done. After recording, the next time you hear or see the show online, it will be on your blog, mixed, linked up and ready to hit publish.

This tutorial was developed by the Freedom Podcasting Company LLC. We are dedicated to creating the most time efficient way for entrepreneurs to create world class podcasts.

Podcasting is a great way to leverage your time. If you are a content creator, seeking to be seen as the authority in your space, but strapped for time, we can help.

With Freedom Podcasting you simply record and the rest of the work is done for you. We build out an excellent content creation strategy around the content of your interview.

You simply record yourself or a conversation with other experts in your field. We build out the internet infrastructure so get the maximum traction.

iTunes Podcasting – What Tags Show Up Where on the iTunes Store

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  1. Show Art – This should be a 1400 x 1400 px version of your podcast art.
  2. Title – This is the title of the show. It’s best if we optimize this for Search Results.
  3. iTunes Author – This is the Author title. This too should be optimized for search results.
  4. iTunes Category – This is the main category the show will be described in. Though you will choose 3 others, this is the most important category and we should place the show where it fits best based upon subject matter.
  5. iTunes Sub-Category – This is the subsection of your first category choice. I always advise using this (rather than choosing no sub-category) because it gives your show exposure in additional sections of iTunes.
  6. iTunes Summary – There is no evidence that this supports with search so use this space to create engaging content which will inspire those browsing on iTunes to subscribe.
  7. Item Title – This will be pulled from your individual podcast blog titles.
  8. Item Description – This will be pulled from your individual podcast blog content.
  9. Link to External Website – This is a powerful back-link which should go to your homepage
  10. Managing Editor Copyright – Copyright data… nothing more.
Podcasting iTunes Tag Descirptions

If you’re seeking to set up an inexpensive podcast recording studio, this video it’s supporting links are your best shot.

Freedom Podcasting is a podcast editor/podcast production company so if you’re interested in getting support in creating your show, you can connect with us here.

What goes where in iTunes?

Whats the Best Podcast Bitrate?

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This is a sound quality vs. file size optimization question.

If you have insight please let me know. I studied this a while back and found 128 kbps to be the optimal bitrate. When we drop to 64 kbps I can hear loss in audio quality when musical elements are mixed with spoken elements.
Above 128kbps I can’t hear any difference.
This leads me to the conclusion that 128 is the optimal bitrate for podcasts with musical elements.

If you have insight into this issue, please share it in the comments below.

Exploring Bitrates of Top Podcasts:

  • This American Life – 64 kbps – Sample Rate 44.1 kHz
  • Ask Gary Vee – 128 Kbps – Sample Rate 44.1 kHz
  • Serial  – 112 Kbps – Sample Rate 44.1 kHz
  • Marc Maron – 40 kbps – Sample Rate 22.050 kHz
  • Mixergy w/ Andrew Warner – 128 kbps – Sample Rate 44.1 kHz
  • Freakonomics – 96 kbps – Sample Rate 44.1 kHz
  • The Adam Carolla Show – 64 kbps – Sample Rate 44.1 kHz
  • Hardcore History – 128 kbps – Sample Rate 44.1 kHz

Podcast Editor – Freedom Podcasting Company

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What does a podcast editor do?

A Freedom Podcasting podcast editor is someone who takes a clients raw recording and constructs an excellent final web presence for the show.


This involves web development, graphic design, sound engineering and story telling.


Many podcast editing companies just edit audio files or write blog posts.


We craft an experience from your recordings. An experience we work to make unforgettable.


They are your words, but we do the job of making them pop on the internet.

What it Takes from Our Podcasting Clients

Podcast Editor Process
Record your raw audio files.


Here is how you set up a great, inexpensive studio.

Second Process for podcast editor
Send us your files.


We prefer DropBox.

Your Podcast Editor produced the podcast
Wait two to three days.


We can publish for you, or you can.


The automated system we build will distribute globally, immediately.

What We Do

We write compelling copy that gets people inspired to listen to your show.
We design show art and blog posts that inspire your audience to share.
We engineer software solutions to ensure your podcast never goes offline.
We optimize your podcast website to ensure maximum search engine traffic with measurable results.

Who Needs a Podcast Editor?

We work with artists and entrepreneurs.

People with a vision or an authentic product to sell.

People who desire an authentic community.

People who desire to spread their message.

People who desire to express their expertise.

People who desire deepening their understanding of their passion.

Maybe someone like you…

How Do I Make a Podcast and How Does Podcasting Work?

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On the Freedom of Style in the Podcasting Medium

Here are some podcasts to give you a sense of the freedom in the medium of podcasting and a description of why I bring them up:

  • Joe Rogan Experience – Notice a very un-orthodox show that is created live. Varies from 45 minutes to 4 hours in length. When comedians like Joe came into podcasting in 2010-2011 the podcast medium went from esoteric computer nerds to public adoption and the audience has grown at about 12% per year consistently since. Other comedian podcasts that played an important role are WTFBill Burr and Adam Corolla to name a few,
  • Ask Pat – These are generally 10 minute shows. A top Business podcast in which people leave voicemails and Pat replies to and publishes as a podcast.
  • Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History – These are long form shows between 1 and 8 hours in length. He publishes infrequently with 1 show per 2 months. Despite the infrequent publishing and never knowing what is coming next, t’s a huge success. The reason I bring this up is that Dan is highly unconventional and he thrives in the freedom of his show.
  • On Being with Krista Tippet – A high production value and powerful podcast and blog. This shows that a singe group can make a show that rivals those with much larger budgets and teams.

How the Podcast System Works

Each of the above links leads to a individual’s website.

When these individuals post a new show, that media is redistributed to all the major podcast platforms like iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn, SoundCloud and about 8 more.

The distribution is nearly automatic (2-3 hour distribution wait) so the individual publishing power of each of these websites is multiplied by the number of platforms they connect with.

A Little About Freedom Podcasting

The Freedom in Podcasting as a Medium
What we do is take client raw recordings and load the blog post with the final audio and some content that attracts search engine traffic and engagement on the website.
Essentially we manage all the formatting, audio engineering, graphic design, search engine optimization and global distribution system.
The front page of our website shows many the shows we work on as well as a description of the services we offer.

Case Study – Review

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Luckily for us at Freedom Podcasting, we have a podcast that we use like a lab monkey. It’s called the Love Affair Travel and since our CEO is the host of the show, he pretty much lets us do whatever we want to test out new podcasting platforms.


What is

Essentially, they are a hosting company that pays you to host your podcast. They sell sponsor messages to people that will be automatically entered into the beginning of your show.

We like to run a frugal operation and hosting is a monthly cost that we’re always trying to get down for clients. Even if it is as low as $15 a month, it’s an expense that could be minimized. If you could turn that expense into a profit center, everyone wins… right?



The Monetizing Side of PodcastingWe will host the Love Affair Travel show starting now on AudioMetrics. We already have a good idea for the shows growth so we can test their honesty in reporting, the revenue potential and the quality of the fit for the advertisements they add to the show.




  • Simplify the monetization of podcasts
  • Simple uploading and media URL sourcing


  • Inauthentic advertisements
  • Poor hosting capacity


  • Cut down on hosting costs
  • Easily monetize a show with a single entrance point
  • Potential to outsource the whole monetizing side of a podcast


  • Loss of listeners due to inauthentic ads or poor hosting quality
  • Lack of control over what is advertised
  • Podcast platforms with existing ad deals don’t allow feeds that include media URLs
September 9th, 2014 – I was able to verify my media URLs in the Blubrry backend of my wordpress blogs. Technically this looks like its going to work.
September 9th, 2014 – I’m getting failure messages for episode 2…

AudioMetric IO Fail Message

(Update on Error, it resolved it’s self quickly.)

Another one for Episode 9 with Erik Snare

Monetizing Podcasts

(Update on Error: This was user error, we had a broken link so the transition process didn’t work. All fixed now.)

September 10th, 2014 – I was able to get 9 shows up and 30 downloads came through during the night. My account is now credited with $0.14. This is pretty good stuff so I’ll finish porting over all the audiometric media URLs today and see how the earnings keep coming in.


Afternoon update: The whole Love Affair Travel podcast is uploaded to their hosting servers and has already served 100 downloads today. Everything seems to be working well. Will publish a new show tomorrow so the surge in downloads will be a great test to see the robustness of their servers.

October 21st 2014 – So it’s been a month and a half since I paid any attention to the relationship with Audiometric. This is good news because that means their hosting works well. I’ve had no problems with hosting and we’ve put out other episodes and I haven’t heard anything.


Here is a screen shot of the ads delivered:

One month into hosting with

So it’s great. We’re delivering ads. The problem is, I don’t know what that means. I listened through a podcast and I found that I couldn’t pinpoint an advertisement. I’m guessing that they aren’t distributing them at the moment. It seems like a StartUp company to me and I would guess that they are still working out the kinks. Of course, the fact that this month hasn’t accrued a cent in the account is clear indication that not much is happening…

AudioMetric Revenue per 1000 ads delivered
October 25th, 2014 – I’d like to make  a note that Jason Cox is really helpful. While doing this case study, I’ve had the great fortune to watch them build out the product. It’s exciting and all the trouble I’m discussing in this blog should be noted that they are currently building out the platform.
Jason Cox Being Helpful
Jan 9th 2015 – It’s exciting that Audiometric has just rolled out statistics. They are nice but not world class.
Statistics on Audiometric podcast hosting startup
Jul 22nd 2015 – Not a lot going on really. It seems that my podcast is being served well enough, though it’s hard to know for sure.

There are no longer ads embedded into the podcasts. This could be that my show doesn’t have the download volume enough to warrant advertisers. I don’t really know.

Also, ID3 tagging is removed when hosting with Audiometric so your show will look unprofessionally tagged as they alter the file to serve ads.

I’ve reached out to the team to see how things are going, but right now I feel like they have either lost steam, or are working hard to find a solution.

The money is trivial, but my account was reset from the $3 to $1.24 so it seems that the numbers either didn’t reflect actual ad buy, or the results were simply too trivial to warrant distributions.

I did hear some life insurance ads on my show a few months back. The ads were added in at the beginning of the show. This means that they clearly had proof of concept at some point.

From the image to the right, you can see that their platform isn’t working as an ad distribution system for me right now.

I do not recommend using this service right now as a hosting solution for your podcast. This is still enjoyable to me because I am heavily in the business of podcasting and the testing is fun. But if you’re not on the cutting edge, go with someone else like SoundCloud or Libsyn. Review

What’s Marco Arment Doing with Overcast?

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What’s the biggest problem in podcasting today?

You guessed it: the top podcast app sucks.

For all our shows, iTunes podcast app is source for 82% of the downloads.

It’s got the lion’s share.

It actually hurts my feelings.

The work that needs to be done in the podcasting world is; we need to create an easier experience to download and share podcasts with people who have zero tech background.

That last bit is the key.

When podcast listeners with zero tech background can listen = podcast industry success boom

Is there a solution?

Overcast seems to be another effort. I love where he’s coming from based on the video above. To build a service that is specifically designed for podcasters and listeners. This is the core concept behind all great businesses. How can I serve.

Cheers Marco.

Will it Work?

My Experience:

I tried to download Overcast on my iPhone. It didn’t work. I don’t know why, but I don’t have time now to sort it out because we have to produce the worlds best podcasts.

I tried to submit podcasts feeds to the platform. It didn’t work. There is no submission process I can find from the website.

I’d love to see if my favorite podcasts are on Overcast, but I can’t because I can’t get the app on my phone.

So… it doesn’t work.

Not yet at least…

It’s August 20th 2014. I’ll keep updating this post because this is a problem that needs a solution.

Update September 18th 2014:

I’ve got Overcast on my iPhone 4. I’m using it to listen to the Tropical MBA as I write this.

I do experience some bugs where there is text laid out over text. It’s a bit buggy all over when I explore.

I’ve got another podcast app called PocketCasts which works well but not great. Again I’m looking into it.

SoundCloud based Media URLs don’t verify when I Enter Them In Blubrry Podcast WordPress Plugin

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Yeah, this is a niche problem.

How to get your SoundCloud based Media URL to Verify with WordPress and BluBrry PowerPress Plugin

How to get verification:

  1. Navigate to the Media URL by putting it in your browser navigation bar
  2. Once download starts, wait about 5 seconds
  3. Cancel the Download (You can download if you want… makes no difference really)
  4. Navigate back to blog enter media URL into the Blubrry Powerpress Plugin window on your blog
  5. Click Verify
  6. It works!
  7. Why? I have no idea.

Why Media URL Verification is an Issue

It’s not.

Even if Blubrry doesn’t provide that green feedback message, it’s not going to make a difference if the URL is correct. If you have the correct media URL in the box, that will be the one propagated into the RSS feed and the podcast platforms (iTunes, Stitcher and the like) will point all those millions of rapt listeners to your download location where they will bask in the beauty of your noise making for however long you care to make your show.

My guess is that this has something to do with the SoundCloud API.

SoundCloud doesn’t really want people doing this. They would rather you feed your podcast RSS feed to iTunes and all other platforms through them.

It makes sense of course, they’ve got a business to run. Having long term assets of users in their hands is to their benefit.

The guys and team at SoundCloud are great but they are building an empire.

If you’re trying to build your own empire, it makes sense for you to own these things.

If you’re keen for that click down at the bottom and fill out our survey and we can explore if it’s a good fit for us to work with you.

If you think working with a team that creates this sort of asset for people sounds cool contact us. We have an internship program.


How to Run Spell Check with Google Chrome

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To Run Spell Check when in Chrome follow the Following Steps:

1. Highlight the content you want to spell check
2. Click Edit tab on top menu
3. Got to Spelling and Grammar
4. Follow the process going forward

To Run Spell Check on a Mac with Stock Hotkeys:

Press CMD + SHIFT + ;

This is what it Looks Like to Spell Check with Google Chrome:

Spell Check with Google Chrome


The Back Story of the Spell Check Blog Post

Spell check on the mac saves my life. If it weren’t for spell check, I’d probably be out of the job as it’s hilarious watching me try to write without it.

I do too.

I keep a journal where I write long hand. It’s embarrassing.

But that doesn’t really weigh on my conscious too much. I mean, in Spanish there are no spelling issues. Everything is phonetic. No spelling is a uniquely English pretension that doesn’t make me care all that much.

At Freedom Podcasting we produce hundreds of podcasts a quarter which garners the undivided attention of millions of people over the course of less than a year. It’s amazing.

Of course, exposure like this gets us a tidal wave of hate mail from said pretentious english folks.

They are the types that will consider your whole essay, multimedia production, story arch and truckload of excellently designed features will consider the whole project bunk if you don’t use they’re ideal of language (that one was on purpose.)

Anyways, if you want to double check your spelling, use the directions above. I hope they support you.

With Appreciation,

Ian Robinson CEO @ FP

Case Study: iTunes Glitch and How to Solve the Issue

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The Problem

A fantastic entrepreneur client of ours experienced a disappearing of her podcast on iTunes on Monday July 28, 2014.

The show has been live for the better part of the year (6 months perhaps.) As we published episode 31 we realized that iTunes was not only propogating slowly, the whole show was down. We were left with an empty iTunes Vessel (see photo.)

iTunes Glitch 2014-07-31 at 3.08.56 PM

My first order of business: Identifying the Problem

Now it should be expected that this is an RSS feed issue so I check the RSS feed, but it was fine.

The second order was to ensure we had submitted the proper RSS feed to iTunes so I looked back (this was unlikely to be the problem but an issue worth checking on before moving forward.) Again we submitted the proper feed.

So the question becomes, “is this problem universal or is it just with iTunes?”

Note: iTunes dominates the downloads of all podcasts that we create. iTunes carries about 82% of all downloads, the remaining 18% spread across a variety of other locations

So I checked TuneIn, Stitcher and SoundCloud.

All three where reading the proper episodes so my conclusion is that the issue must be in the way we are connecting with iTunes.

But is this connectivity a mistake we can solve or is it an iTunes glitch.

Identifying the Solution and Reconnecting with iTunes

Now that I was confident that this was an issue with iTunes I dug into what iTunes was reading.

The website link on iTunes led to a 404 post that had never been build. This was very strange but it was a clue. I too that URL and redirected it to the proper RSS feed.

This was an error. The feed URL is not the one linked to from the website button.


How to find the RSS feed that iTunes is Reading

Generally I use a tool called FeedFlipper by Pickle Monkey (Thanks Pickle Monkey)

To use the Feed Flipper:

  1. Go to iTunes and find the show you seek the root RSS feed
  2. Right Click and Copy that link
  3. Enter it Into Feed Flipper and the root RSS will show up automatically

This tool doesn’t work with RSS feeds that are broken. Here are the readouts:

How to identify iTunes Root RSS feeds

So I had to find the RSS feed which iTunes was reading at the time, despite the fact that my tools didn’t work because iTunes was reading a feed that didn’t exist.

Why iTunes switched and started reading a feed that doesn’t exist is beyond me… but that seems to be the case (July 30th, 2014)


I was getting desperate so I reached out to the community and found a better way to access root feeds.

I offered Jonah $100 USD if he could identify the problem in a way that would move the issue along.

Jonah identified a new way to source the root feed of an iTunes podcast despite the fact that it’s an unvalidated feed.

How to Identify the Root Podcast RSS Feed when it Doesn’t Work:

  1. Subscribe to the broken podcast
  2. Download a show and go to your podcast library
  3. Right click on the podcast
  4. Click “Copy Podcast URL”
  5. Paste it somewhere.

Now you’ve got an address from where iTunes is pulling the RSS feed. It seems obvious when you know how… but that’s the magic isn’t it.

Anyways, we’re in the process of setting up a 301 redirect from this broken URL to the proper RSS podcasting feed.

Rant Regarding the Situation:

Despite calling iTunes, being very polite and persistent I was never able to get ANYWHERE.

Despite sending polite e-mails quickly and directly to, I still haven’t received a response.

Even when reaching out via the iTunes portal I received this reply:

When iTunes Doesn't Work

It’s hard for me to believe that this is anything other than a glitch in the iTunes system. After all, the show is displaying on all other platforms seamlessly.

So iTunes seems to have no regard for the podcast producers. I suppose this isn’t their main focus because it’s the audience which holds the value… but it seems an audience derives from having great shows and the show I’m discussing is a great show.

Anyways, I’d hope that someone at iTunes podcasting reads this. I’m sure the overall customer service would benefit from serving those who produce show for the platform.

On Going:

We are implementing the redirect from the new RSS feed that iTunes is reading.

Of course, iTunes propagation is the slowest of platforms so it’s unknown as to whether this will work or not, or if we’ve actually implemented changes that will effect the listing at all.

(July 31st 2014)

Case Study Status Complete

Well the final 301 redirect from the very odd RSS feed that iTunes magically started reading from was able to set the record straight and get the show back online.

So that’s how to solve problems when iTunes starts looking in unconventional places for your podcast. Just make that unconventional place point to the right place.