Imagine this.

You’re working from home, or the Caribbean, or a cabin deep in the woods.

You’re listening to a fascinating conversation or monologue from top global entrepreneurs and artists about their passions or their stories and their love for their work.

Best of all, you’re making it better. You’re clearing out mistakes and cleaning up audio errors to ensure the final product is perfectly displayed to a giant audience.

Yes, your work will be experienced by thousands of people in the next week, likely millions.

You’re taking notes and making connections on everything being said.  You’re writing and creating art that takes the spoken word into a work of art web page which will act as a resource to help improve lives and do work that matters. It’s a great feeling and we’re looking for people to join the team…

This industry is still in it’s infancy and we are ready to take our publishing processes to the market in a much more reliable, faster and cost effective way. To do this we are going to need more rockstars on the team…

You’ve got Brains, Integrity and Passion

The Position:

This is purely a results oriented system. We have access to many new accounts and we’re looking for people who are prepared to take full ownership of them. We love to put our trust in good, hard working people and we want to set our team up to win on every account.

1. Extensive Training: You’ll be working closely with a team who will train you on all of our processes, so you are ready to work with our clients. There will be a learning curve, but if you can hang in there and learn skills quickly, you’ll love the rapid learning environment.

2. Accounts will be Put up for Notice: After you’ve proven your ability to do flawless work and have confidence in your final product, we will close deals to get client work into your hands. You’ll be given a small account to start off with and slowly work your way into as much as you’d like to take on.

3. Work and Get Paid as Much as You Want: New accounts (e.g. deals which the sales team closes) will be put up for notice and all account managers will be given the option to take them on. Pay will depend on the number of shows you take on as your own manager. This process incentives those who want to make more money while allowing space for those with kids or someone seeking a lifestyle position.

It’s a, “bite off as much as you care to chew” kind of position. If you’re shooting for the stars, we can get you limitless earning potential. If you’re seeking comfort, lifestyle and creative work we can also get you a shortlist of excellent accounts.

Each show will have a dollar amount attached to it’s completion so you will know exactly how much you’re making. Each account manager has the opportunity to grow their portfolio of accounts to their desired work load.

4. Responsibility is the First Order of Business: This position is only for those whose words are sacred. If you say something, it’s as good as done. We cherish honesty and commitment.

5. Process Oriented and Results Based: If we haven’t written a step by step process on exactly how to do anything we ask of you, then we understand if it didn’t happen the way we planned. Also, nothing matters if the deliverables aren’t met. We get everything done religiously as the results are the only thing that really stands the test of time.

6. Client Relationship Building Skills: You will be responsible for working one on one with clients, keeping them elated & developing the show into an ever improving, ever more valuable show. Remember -> The success of your account is directly correlated to your success.

New accounts will be offered to top performers.

What We’re Looking For


Must have a MacBook Pro or an iMac. You must be capable of writing persuasive, fluent english.


The below are things you will learn and excel at while managing accounts at Freedom Podcasting. Perhaps you don’t know these skills now, but we have everything you need to get you there. By the time your managing accounts you will be a ninja with the following web development skills:

  • Audio Editing – We use programs like Hindenburg
  • Copy Writing – We write persuasive content that people connect with
  • Basic Web Coding – No fancy stuff here. Basic HTML. We generally use WordPress
  • File Sharing – Files fly around the internet like moths around a lightbulb at night in Costa Rica. You’ll have an intimate love for DropBox, Slack and Google Docs
  • RSS Feeds – Podcasting is all about RSS feeds and though this is the top level podcasting ninja stuff, you’ll gleam an understanding of it in no time at all
  • Graphic Design – We make Graphic Art for each Show with Adobe Photoshop

Oh… I forgot to mention.

The number one desired trait here is:

A Passion for Podcasting:

We’re helping clients pursue their dreams and passions.

These are creative entrepreneurs and we go out of our way to do anything we can to get them traction so that they start making way more money than it costs to have us on their team.

These people are heroic and we’re passionate about solving their problems and getting their stories out to the world (yes we distribute globally).

How to Join the Team

The Pay:

  • During training weeks you will be paid $50.00 for each show you produce successfully (Blog, Audio, Graphics, Web Development)
  • Those who achieve team status will receive monthly payments via PayPal anywhere between $50 – $3,000 + depending on the number of accounts you take on (again you will have a choice as to how much money you will make).

How to Apply:

        • Read our Frequently Asked Questions for Producers page
        • If you do not have any audio engineering experience take our Udemy course to learn everything you need to know about podcasting and getting started (Sign up now to get 85% off – Limited time only)
        • Record a 60 – 90 second video of you telling us about your favorite podcast, why you love it and why you think you’d be a good fit as Freedom Podcasting Companies newest addition (Hot hint: We Love Creativity!)
        • Upload your recording to Dropbox and share the link with us in the form below.
        • Fill out the form below: