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How it Works

Record your raw audio files. Use your own simple, high-quality podcasting studio.


Send us your files. We like Dropbox.


Wait 3 business days. We can publish for you. Everything we build is on your web property so you have 100% command over the content.
The automated system we build into your site will distribute to a global audience, without quantity limitations, instantly upon clicking publish.


Audio Podcast Production

To excel as a world-class show, consistent, excellent audio quality is a requirement. We coach you in getting great equipment and adhere to strict processes (noise reduction, equalization, leveling, file structure, etc.) to transform your source recordings into excellent end results for your audience to cherish.

Launch Strategy

When launching, it is important to be consistent and publish as many episodes as possible in a short period of time. This will ensure your podcast is found by a wider audience, and you have a chance to be featured in the iTunes/Apple Podcasts store. Success is based on downloads and reviews on the iTunes/Apple Podcasts platform. We help you cultivate a powerful launch.

Show Art Design

People judge books by their cover. We work with you and our graphic designers to create great show art design, as well as images to help promote the show. Podcast art should be beautiful and legible when displayed as an icon or on a fullscreen.

Episode Art Design

Each show is an opportunity to enhance and design your message. Repetition is integral in memory cognition. Branding each show with unique, eye-catching design will enhance brand awareness.


Writing well organized index information into each podcast will send a message that you are a serious, organized content producer. While other shows will be in 100 different iTunes folders, we ensure a well indexed show.

Search Engine Optimization

The world is full of people searching for what you are providing. You might be the answer to their prayers… but first you need to appear where they are looking. We use only white-hat SEO strategies to improve your chances of being found where you are sought.

Show Ideation and Execution

How do we make a show that crosses boundaries? What is remarkable and how do we get there? We work with those seeking to poke the box and make something world class.

Directories Submission

This means submitting to: iTunes/Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Simplecast/Pandora, Audible/Amazon Music, TuneIn, iHeartRadio plus many more. Each new episode will automatically appear everywhere. No extra publishing work included.

Distribution System

When we set up podcasts, we construct a publication system that is easy to operate. After the initial setup, we work with you to go out on your own. To produce you can follow our process: upload, link, publish. You will not need us forever, but we will be here if you do.

Video Podcast Production

Thinking about reaching a wider audience, and growing your YouTube channel? Making a professional video podcast for your YouTube channel, just got easier. We offer video production as a per episode/monthly service. We help you get set up so you’re recording high quality interviews, and then we take care of editing/mixing, thumbnail creation, uploading and scheduling each episode to your YouTube channel. Ask us about our competitive rates.

Learn to do What We Do

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Why Start a Podcast in 2024?

  • Podcasting has Become Increasingly Ingrained in Peoples Lives – There are over 464 million podcast listeners, and over 2.5 billion YouTube users worldwide.
  • Longer Attention Spans – The attention span for videos and blogs is small. Podcast listeners tune in for hours.
  • Authentic Engagement – Engage with your audience intimately.
  • Cultivate Celebrity – Each show is a chance to practice the art of eloquent speaking.
  • Expand Your Network – Interviewing or story telling with top players in your industry creates integration into your market.
  • Podcasting is Growing – Digital media on demand will out perform terrestrial radio. Start now for success tomorrow.

Freedom Podcasting has an undeniable formula that makes the creation and delivery of your show an amazing experience. My podcast quickly became top-rated in the iTunes store, and continues to be featured four years later with the support and guidance of Ian and his team.

Lori Crete, Creator and Host of The Beauty Biz Show

Being a podcast host is more than a way to drive traffic to my website. I love that podcasting is a way to dive deep into the worlds of industry leaders and add value to them. As a host, it builds my authority and expertise, while in turn building by brand. It is also really really fun meandering through a conversation and learning new things from inspiring people.

Nick Onken, Creator and Host of ONKEN Radio

Ian of Freedom Podcasting was the KEY to getting my Glambition™ Radio designed, perfected and launched. We debuted at #2 in the Business Category of iTunes and in the Top 30 of ALL podcasts in iTunes, and it was no accident thanks to his advice. My team and I were blown away by his dedication and knowledge regarding podcasts, and we recommend him to anyone who wants to take their podcast seriously.

Ali Brown, Creator and Host of Glambition™ Radio

When we started The Productivity Show, we wanted to be as efficient and effective as possible. We knew that we wanted to focus on what we do best — creating content — and we knew we’d want experts like Freedom Podcasting to focus on what they do best — editing and production. Freedom Podcasting has been a great partner, and we know that when we upload the file, everything will be taken care of quickly and reliably.

Thanh Pham, Creator and Host of The Productivity Show

We began our partnership with Freedom Podcasting five years ago when we thought about launching a podcast targeting business professionals. Thanks to FP’s expertise, guidance and professionalism, we can focus solely on content, and we continue to improve and our audience grows. We also produce an award-winning podcast that is consistently featured in iTunes business and management categories. We could not be happier with our partnership with FP.

Ken White, Ph.D, Creator and Host of Leadership & Business

The Freedom Podcasting team are exceptional. We’ve been working with them to produce our award-winning show, ‘She’s Got Moxie’ for almost two years now, and we are over the moon with the service they provide. I was new to the podcast industry when we started out, and Freedom were right there to hold my hand and guide me on how to get started. From the very first episode we had results and subscribers to the show, with continued growth and traction. I highly recommend Freedom if your goal is to produce a high quality show that stands out in your industry.

Joy Chudacoff, Creator and Host of She's Got Moxie

I have been working with FP for my weekly podcast, The Terri Cole Show since 2015. I knew nothing about creating a successful podcast when we began. They guided me every step of the way and my show was featured in iTunes New and Noteworthy for the first 8 weeks of it's release, thanks to their strategic planning! Four years later the show continues to be featured in Health and Self-Help as a Top Show in the iTunes store. I highly recommend FP to anyone who would like to create a successful podcast with as little stress as possible, with a knowledgable, professional team who goes above and beyond. It really does take a village, and this village is truly amazing!! I am so grateful.

Terri Cole, Creator and Host of The Terri Cole Show

Freedom Podcasting were a great partnering to launch our second podcast. They didn’t disappoint us, in everything from workflow management to launch strategy. They helped keep US on pace for our weekly launch, often times with constructs it's us trying to get others to keep up with us. They were really helpful in driving the production schedule. We were able to nail down editing style, music, cover art, and everything else you need to have a successful podcast. Even launching us to new & noteworthy and the top 100 podcasts in the world in the first 30 days, and hanging on to the top 50 for our category thereafter. We really appreciate all of the work Freedom have done these past couple of years, and none of this would of been possible without them. Thanks so much for your contribution, it means a lot.

Tim Mackie, Creator and Host of Exploring my Strange Bible

I wanted to launch a podcast to broaden my audience and provide a new content stream to my followers. But how to get it set up and really do it right, without driving myself crazy? Working with Ian and the Freedom Podcasting team is one of the best business decisions I've made. Not only did Ian help me refine the vision for the show, his launch strategy helped my Crave Cast premier at #1 on iTunes in it's first two weeks! Six months later, I have paid sponsors, incredible access to experts that I'm excited to interview and a fun audience that I love creating new episodes for.

Alexandra Jamieson, Creator and Host of Her Rules Radio

Freedom Podcasting are an awesome, world class team to work with. From strategic advice on launching and marketing, technical advice on equipment and set up, to high quality design and audio production, they have it covered. All I had to do was find the guest, interview and send them the audio file. V is a superb project manager who made sure everything was taken care, done properly and was on time. And what an eye for detail she has! Whether you are about to launch or already have an established podcast, you must have Freedom Podcast on your team.

Martin Soorjoo, Creator and Host of­ Outperform

I have been working with Ian, V and the team at Freedom Podcasting for over a year as they produce my Inventor's Mind Podcast. They are a pleasure to work with: always on top of things, ready to brainstorm ideas to improve and promote the podcast, and exuding warmth and kindness. The process couldn't be simpler either. All I have to do is record the show and put the file in Dropbox. They do all the rest. Truly their name says it all. I give Freedom my highest recommendation.

Christopher Hawker, Creator and Host of Inventors Mind

Freedom Podcasting helped me set up a firm foundation to launch my podcast. No quirk I threw at them was too weird, they always responded promptly and unphased. Knowing the launch strategy and production workflow was solid, allowed me to focus on developing my interview style and keep on task with releasing shows every week. Freedom Podcasting *freed* me up to focus on the elements that most mattered.

Andony Melathopoulos, Creator and Host of PolliNation

Podcasting is blowing up and if you want to have a great show then you must have a seasoned pro editing and producing it. That is where I use Ian and his team to make it work for me, and recommend him to everyone I know.

Lewis Howes, Creator and Host of The School of Greatness

We don’t plug them enough, but Freedom Podcasting, they’re the people that produce this podcast, and they do an incredible job.

Louis Elrod, Creator and Host of Better Georgia

Freedom Podcasting was great to work with in helping Let's Talk Hemp get a fully functional podcast up and running across the podcast spectrum in 2019 and 2020. Everyone there was professional and helpful and always available to assist when needed. I highly recommend them!

Morris Beegle, Creator and Host of Let's Talk Hemp

Freedom Podcasting is fiercely committed to excellence, which is why they are exactly what I’ve been looking for in a podcast production company. They are thoughtful, elegantly skilled in their work, crazy-efficient and incredibly supportive and attentive to any tweaks or new ideas I might have. These folks are the gold standard of what a production company should be, and I’m so happy I found them. I recommend them unreservedly.

Ken Page, LCSW, Best-selling Author, Creator and Host of The Deeper Dating Podcast