The Most Important Podcast Directories

This list of podcast directories is ordered from most important to least important. iTunes provides about 80% of the downloads. If you’re short on time, iTunes is unquestionably the most important of the podcast directories. But if you’ve got 15 minutes, you might as well submit to all of them.

The Most Important Podcast Directories:

  1. iTunes – Submit your RSS feed here. We’ve got screenshots of the process.
  2. Stitcher – Get your feed by going here.
  3. Google Play – Google Play is here! Huzzah! Submit your podcast here.
  4. TuneIn – Fill out the form and submit your podcast here.
  5. SoundCloud – You can set an automatic RSS download to SoundCloud but the process is involved and I’m not sure what I can share…
  6. DoubleTwist – Visit their podcast submission page and enter your Show Name, RSS Feed URL, and description (Updated April 2014).
  7. Player.FM – Go here to fill out your show’s information or you can e-mail with Show Name, RSS Feed URL, and description.
  8. PodKicker – An android platform. Though I’m not familiar with it, it is hyper-simple to submit your podcast RSS feed here.
  9. – Go to the submit page here and enter RSS feed URL and hit submit. PodDirectory will grab your feed and add your podcast to their site.
  10. – Create an account here to Submit Your Podcast. Enter RSS feed URL and hit Submit.
  11. Spreaker – Go here to create an account. Click the Create tab to Upload and Submit your RSS feed. After you have submitted your first upload you can sign up to iHeart Radio. Click on the iHeart icon. Accept Terms & Conditions. They will give you a list of guidelines to follow. Submission is accepted once checklist is complete.
  12. Windows Phone 8.1 – Windows Phone 8.1 uses a Bing-enabled search mechanism to locate podcasts.  To improve the search results of your podcast, add “feed:podcast” to your keywords tag within the RSS podcasts feed.  Podcasts can also be located by entering the RSS feed directly into the podcast app search window.
  13. Improve Bing-Enabled Podcast Search Results – By using Webmaster Tools, you can tell Bing about your site. In return, Bing Webmaster Tools tells you how well your site is performing in Bing and Bing-powered search and keeps you up to date about issues we see on your site. To inform us about sitemaps or RSS feeds, including those containing podcasts, follow these steps:
    1. If you haven’t done so already, sign up with Bing Webmaster Tools.
    2. Add the site that hosts the Podcast RSS/feed and verify ownership of the site.
    3. Use the Submit Sitemap tool and submit the full URL of the RSS feed containing the links to your podcasts. (Within a few hours, you’ll see whether Bing successfully downloaded your sitemap or feed so that it can be indexed.)

Potentially important podcast directories we don’t know enough about right now:

  1. – (Coming Soon)
  2. Pocket Casts – Enter the following URL followed up with your feed:
  3. OverCast – I’m exploring this one.  Do you have thoughts on it? I’d love to know how to submit to their feed.

Removed due to inactivity:

  • BlackBerry –  Submit your Feed here 

Get Featured on The Feed

Podcast DirectoriesHere’s the info to get featured, just follow the below. And if you have a 30-second promo of your show, I’d love to play it.

The soul of this series is to share your show as well as to share your experience with podcasting, as it tends to inspire and educate the community as a whole 🙂

Send a message to Elsie Escobar:

With an attached PLAIN TEXT file (.txt) with your answers to the following questions:

Here is a list of questions:

If you don’t want to answer some of them, please feel to skip. If you want to offer more insight about anything you think might serve other podcasters, please feel free to share.

When did you start podcasting?
Why did you start podcasting?
What’s your show about?
What’s your podcasting set-up? Hardware, software, CMS, etc.
How have you promoted your podcast?
What do you know now that you wish you knew when you started?
You can simply reply to this email with your answers or send along a text file. Whatever is easier for you 🙂

For promotional love need:

  1. Your website
  2. Best way to connect with you: twitter/facebook page/email
  3. iTunes podcast link
  4. Podcast artwork: please attach podcast artwork or provide direct link for your artwork (600 x600 up to 1400 x 1400)
  5. Anything that you are currently promoting (if anything)


Updated Aug 5th, 2016 – iTunes link fixed

Hat tip to Karsten Aichholz for the heads up on the broken iTunes link.
Hat tip to Paul Colaianni of The Overwhelmed Brain for support with building this list.
Hat tip to Niels Kaastrup-Larsen of Top Traders Unplugged for the Pocket Casts recommendation.
Hat tip to Dominic Labriola of Real Shift Radio for the valuable insight on Spreaker and iHeart Radio.


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