A Passion for Podcasting

Why Start a Podcast in 2014?

Podcasting is the most underserved form of New Media.

For every podcast there are 100,000 blogs and 9,000 YouTube videos. If you’re tired of the noise of the New Media Landscape, join the podcast revolution. If you’re looking to Crush It this year with your small business, being on the podcast platforms is a no brainer.

The podcast audience has been steadily growing at an average of 3% for the past 7 years. Large car manufacturers are set to include services like Stitcher and TuneIn as stock equipment in their cars so we will see a shift from traditional radio to digital radio in our lifetime. DO NOT MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY!

Podcasting is also the most Authentic way to engage Customers

Podcast audiences generally give an hour of their time to their favorite podcasts. Sometimes more.

How long do you think people are reading your blog or watching your YouTube videos?

The answer is less than 3 minutes at most.

Podcasting is the most authentic and engaging way to connect with people available in New Media today.

The audiences are growing and there is demand for great shows. The question is, will you take advantage of this amazing opportunity?

100% Hands Free Podcasting Service

We offer the most hands free podcasting services available.

All you have to do is record, share the files with our team and publish.

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